WV Online Casino Revenue Drops Below $8 Million in May


For the first time in four months, West Virginia Online Casino Revenue did not reach at least $8 million. They totaled approximately $7.7 million during May bet.

This breaks the streak of three consecutive months exceeding this mark, including Marchwhen they set the current record with almost $8.4 million.

May fell short of expectations due to a slow start. mountain state online platforms fell short of $1.8 million in the first two weeks.

They have recovered, however, earning over $2 million in the past two weeks. Their best performance came the week of May 21with profits of around $2.2 million.

Since this latest series began in February, WV Online Casinos have earned a minimum of $2 million in nine of the past 15 weeks.

Although revenue fell slightly, online sales manipulate saw a slight increase. Apps accepted on $213 million in bets for the month, about $2,000 more than in April.

Online Casino Revenue Recap for May

It wasn’t a terrible month, but revenues fell in May. He refused 5% compared to the previous month.

A slow opening week with just $1.6 million in revenue is the worst since January 22. WV Online Casinos only made about $120,000 more the following week before turning things around.

The Greenbrier continued its dominance in the state and ended May with nearly $4.3 million In income. FanDuel Casino WV and BetMGM WV fell short of $800,000 the first week of the month, but topped at least $1 million the next three.

Their turnover reached only seven figures on two times at the end 16 weeks. It’s another strong month, but it was about $300,000 less than April’s revenue.

Hollywood Casino two online licenses remained flat last month. They slightly exceeded $2.4 million.

It was essentially an identical month for DraftKings Casino WV and PointsBet WV. They ended up making about $25,000 more this time around. Their best week came on May 21, when they topped $720,000 in revenue.

Mountaineer ranked third in May, producing slightly less than usual. After two consecutive months topping $1 million, Caesars WV and BetRivers WV ended May at $980,000.

Platforms were consistent again, however. Each week saw at least $215,000, with May 14 being the best, around $270,000.

Overall, the state is now approaching $78 million income for this fiscal year.

All about the may handle for online casinos

Even though earnings were reduced last month, the handful of bets went in the opposite direction. It wasn’t substantial, however, the bets went up a bit more 1%.

Ironically, WV’s online applications generated the largest handle during the opening week, when revenues bottomed out. They took over $60 million in bets, at least $7 million beyond any other week.

This is a great example of how more bets don’t always translate to more profit. However, this first week is only the third time Mountain State’s handle smashed $60 million in seven days in 2022.

Greenbrier online casinos have also led the way with the handle. They recorded a month very similar to April, raising a little more $111 million. The May figure only cost $88,000 less.

BetMGM and private station FanDuel are still in this range. Since February, they have taken a minimum of $110 million in wagers each month.

Although they never saw $30 million for the weekly handle, the duo came close with over $29.6 million for the week of May 7.

Hollywood was next, coincidentally with a very close handful from the previous month as well. The casino one $73.4 million in May bets beat the April report by around $390,000.

DraftKings and PointsBet had a very impressive opening month, but started taking fewer bets each week. They started with almost $23 million, while casinos ended May at around $15.5 million.

Mountaineer also received a few additional bets last month. His online handle jumped around $2 million to $28 million.

Unlike WV’s others, its busiest week ended in May, surpassing $8.4 million. It was the highest handful of Caesars and BetRivers in 10 weeks.

The total state handle for this exercise is now greater than $2.3 billion.


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