What is the payment for the heist of Prison Break in GTA Online?


GTA Online has many different jobs, missions, and races that players can participate in to earn money. Heists in GTA Online are like the main storyline of the game. Playing Heists is one of the best ways to earn money in the game.

To be able to do Heists, players must purchase a high-end apartment. Each heist has a few setup missions and then the final heist. Most Heists require a crew of four to begin the task.

Prison break is the second heist in GTA Online. The heist requires four setup missions, then the final.

This heist consists of saving Maxim Rashkovsky from prison.

A breakdown of the payment for the heist of Prison Break in GTA Online

Prison Break Heists have five different missions to complete. Players must play through four setup missions and one final mission in order to complete the heist.

Heists are one of the best ways to make money in GTA Online, and Prison Heist is one of the easiest missions to complete with a team of friends.

As with every heist in GTA Online, players play for a percentage of the total to take away. The lobby host must decide on each player’s cut before starting the main mission.

To start the prison break-in, the lobby host must pay a setup cost of $ 40,000 to start the missions.

Players receive a $ 19,000 discount if they play these hard difficulty missions and complete the first and second setup missions. There is a potential reduction of $ 18,500 for the third mission that players can earn if they complete the mission correctly while playing with their crew.

For the fourth mission, players are split into two teams: the City Hall team and the Mansion team. At the end of this mission with a crew, players can receive a reduction of $ 19,000.

The last stage of the heist is the final, and players have a chance to win money depending on the difficulty and their percentage reduction on the mission.

In the event that the heist is done in easy mode, players will have a pot of $ 200,000 to split between the four. Playing the Heist on normal difficulty will give players a share of the $ 400,000 pot. Completing the mission on hard will reward players with a pot of $ 500,000 from which to split.

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