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Most savvy online gamblers have switched to casino sites that operate using what are known as live gaming platforms because they offer the most realistic gaming experience without you having to visit. in a land-based casino.

Unlike software-driven casinos, which use computer software, animated graphics, and a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of each game played, a live casino operates from a land-based casino, and players place their wagers and wagers on remote live gaming tables using their computers.

By watching the real-time video feed, they can see every roll of the dice, spin of a roulette wheel, or card dealt to them, which, above all, instills in them a much greater sense of fair play. , because they are not concerned about whether the games they play are fair and random.

What many gamers doubt when playing on these older gaming platforms, which use an RNG to determine the outcome of the games they choose to play online.

If you choose to play at a live casino site, one game that will definitely catch your eye, and which happens to be one of the most played live games, is the Crazy Time game, which is an updated version. day of the Money Wheel game.

This quirky game has always been shunned by knowledgeable players, as it is known to have an extremely low payout percentage and is simply a big wheel divided into different segments, and players have to place a bet on which segment of the wheel they think that it will be shot in the next.

What Crazy Time offers, however, is a similar betting structure, but there are a few extra segments on the wheel, which actually trigger bonus games and bonus features when spun, as long as a player has placed a bet on these segments of the wheel.

Know that you will find out which casinos offer this game when you check out this guide to gambling sites on the same platformsso if you want to try this game, please follow this link.

These four bonus games are where the big money can be won, and one of them is a simple Coin Flip style bonus game, in which a large oversized plastic coin is going to be flipped after each face of this piece was randomly assigned. a multiplier value.

Once the coin is flipped, players who bet on that segment of the wheel will see their bet there increase by the value of the multiplier.

The second bonus game is a Pachinko-style gamein which a disc is inserted into the Pachinko machine and will fall into one of the wells at the bottom of the machine, each well has a multiplier value.

What makes the game even more attractive is that before the main wheel spins, a special extra reel type game is spun, which can increase the value of one of the segments of this main wheel, and all the winnings obtained during this next rotation. of the wheel are increased by the value of this multiplier, or the bonus game winnings are increased by this multiplier if one of them is triggered.

There is also a Crazy Time bonus game, which when spun and the additional bonus wheel is spun, players must select one of three pointers before this bonus wheel is sent into motion, and whatever or the multiplier turned against their chosen pointer is the one used to increase the value of their stake.

Special double or triple segments can be spun on this bonus wheel, which sees the wheel spin again and the multiplier value is increased by this additional multiplier and any base multiplier awarded, which can often result in mega winning wins. .

A final bonus game is the Cash Hunt feature, and when this segment of the wheel has been spun, players must select one of the many symbols displayed on their screen.

Behind each symbol is a randomly selected multiplier, which can reach 100, the value of which can be increased by any base spin multiplier awarded for the Cash Hunt bonus game.

The bet levels at which Crazy Time can be played are tiny, however, to ensure that the game appeals to high rollers as well, the bet levels are fully configurable by players and as such it is possible to play for much higher bet amounts. .

But if you decide to give this game a boost, please play responsibly and set strict limits on how much you intend to play per spin, as this is a game of coincidence after all.


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