What is behind the renaming of Meadows to Hollywood Casino?



Before seeing their name on a marquee, some Hollywood stars have changed their names. But what happens when Pennsylvania Casino decide to change?

The Meadows Racecourse opened in 1963. It wasn’t until 2007 that a temporary casino opened and a permanent casino followed. 2009.

In mid-October 2021, The Meadows was officially renamed Hollywood Casino in the Meadows.

The name “The Meadows” has a long history. What explains the huge decision of a casino to change its name? How is Penn National, who owns and operates The Meadows, has successfully rebranded so far? What are customer feedback? PlayPennsylvania asked a communications strategist for his thoughts.

Hollywood Casino at The Meadows

Brian hart is a communications strategist, founder and president of Flackable, a national public relations agency based in Philadelphia.

Yes, it’s a brand new image, Hart said, but they are keep the familiar name of Meadows.

“I think it was smart to keep the name of The Meadows,” Hart said. “They’re doing it the right way. Penn National has a reputation for acquiring casinos and bringing its flagship brand to Hollywood Casino. If you look at how they structured the logo and renamed it, they merge the two.

“From a local perspective and the story behind the name, you lose a bit of the local branding. What you get in return is the national Hollywood casino brand. They’re not completely abandoning The Meadows… even the logo is the same.

Rename The Meadows to Hollywood Casino

The two-year rebranding process the Washington County Casino culminated in a weekend of casino and racetrack festivities.

Vice President and General Manager Tony Frabbiele told Action News 4 from Pittsburgh that the switch reflects the Penn National Gaming brand:

“We want to make sure this property is Western Pennsylvania’s entertainment destination for a long time, so we’ve invested over $ 25 million into this facility with new amenities.”

New amenities at Hollywood Casino at The Meadows include:

  • Fabio Viviani’s restaurant
  • Salon H
  • A “reinvented casino floor”
  • Embers outside
  • Sportsbook bar stool

Hart commented:

“They did a good job of publicizing the rebranding. It was kind of a layup for them. If you put it (a casino name change) in front of the media, it will be covered. But the timing, messaging, and quick web property transitions were really well done.

The “Hollywood Casino” brand throughout Pennsylvania

The PA flagship for Penn National is Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racecourse in Grantville. They recently unveiled renderings of a new Barstool Sportsbook which should open soon.

Hollywood Casino York opens in August. The mini-casino is home to the first Sportsbook bar stool on the East coast.

Another mini-casino, Hollywood Casino Morgantown, is expected to open by the end of 2021. And yes, it will have a Barstool Sportsbook.

Social media reaction to The Meadows name change

How to have customers reacted when The Meadows’ name change was announced? Of course, there have been plenty of posts about it on The Meadows’ social media pages. Recently, The Meadows asked customers to share their favorite memories. Some comments were:

  • I remember when you could play for more than 5 minutes with $ 100, and every once in a while you even had the advantage.
  • Won a lot more in the tent, sometimes bigger is not better.
  • The night I hit 3 jackpots!
  • Sorry but the racetrack is what got you the gaming license and should stay in the name,
  • Sorry but it will ALWAYS be the Meadows Casino. Good luck for taking “Hollywood”
  • It will always be the Prairies. They don’t need Hollywood in front of their name
  • Meet up with the all-you-can-eat buffet and eat crab legs, then slots afterward.

“I don’t see any benefit in going into the comments,” Hart said. ” It’s planned. They must have known that they were going to receive comments. The way they renamed it, if people want to call it The Meadows, it’s good because it’s still part of the brand. A rebranding like this doesn’t happen overnight.

Casino name changes

The Meadows isn’t the first casino in Pennsylvania to change its name.



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