“We are not closed to the idea that the metaverse could be a huge betting avenue”


In one growing technology market, E-sport technologies saw a increasing trend in their number and in terms of expansion. After acquisition of Aspire Global’s B2C brands in December 2021, the company saw a big impact in its Q1 2022 numbers, coming in at $7 million in revenue.

In a video interview with Yogonet, Esports Technologies CEO Aaron Speach Talk about the company’s plans for 2022 include new developments such as its e-sportsbook and the new Chrome browser tool, which is expected to launch next quarter, as it considers its potential entry into the metaverse.

After esports technologies announced the acquisition of Aspire globallythe B2C activity ofthe company said so intended to sell esports betting opportunities to increase esports revenue, player transactions and customers. So far, Aaron Speach considers they have seen significant progress in building their regulated esports product on the Aspire platform.

70% of Aspire customers we have acquired are between 18 and 40 years oldWhich one is exactly the target demographic we are looking for in an esports client”, explained the CEO of the company, and clarified that these clients are mainly located in Germany and the United Kingdom. “We expect to launch in the second quarter of this calendar year.”

The acquisition also resulted in an improvement in the financial area, resulting in a $7 million FY22 Q1 report released earlier this month, which Speach called a “massive improvement in overall business.”

He also pointed out that what Esports Technologies can bring to the table it was not be accomplished by AspireEast a focus on the B2C side: “Aspire was focused on both B2B and B2C, and they agreed that having this product in the hands of someone dedicated to the consumer side of the business would greatly benefit themand we see it today”.

The deal also gave the company access to gaming licenses in regulated markets as well, notably in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Denmark and Malta. Discussing Esports Technologies’ approach and competitive advantages in each of these jurisdictions, and the investments planned for them, Speach explained: “We actually brought in more than 14 employees who are very familiar with the German and UK market. We will therefore be able to use their marketing sense. But in Q2 of this calendar year, we plan to leverage esports in these regions. We are also delighted to spread to more of Western Europe, including the Netherlands.

With respect to Aspire Global’s B2B brands, Speach confirmed that the company already has several synergies it uses.GOGAWIwhich is our unregulated esports product, is already fully transitioned to Aspire brands, and we are actively marketing our launch throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America.”

“We are extremely pleased to have been able to partner with Aspire on other brands, and we’re excited to offer esports – and truly one of the first esports products on Aspire’s BTO back-end provider“, he explained. “One of the main reasons we made this acquisition is that we would be able to leverage Aspire’s B2B capability and operational capability on the casino and sports betting side, and have a very close relationship.”

As the company reaps the benefits of the acquisition, Aaron Speach also talked about new products being developed. One of them is that of the company Electronic Sports Betting Exchange SystemWhich one is pending patent approval.

“It’s our hedgehog product, like betting fairbut focused on esports, so it will allow any customer to go ahead and set their own odds and prices on esports matches that they feel they can beat any existing provider. And that’s huge for us from a ratings and modeling perspective, which is one of our main products.”

“But it’s also great for the consumer because if they feel like they’re getting a game that maybe a sportsbook isn’t providing, they’re able to deliver that market. From a B2B point of view, it also allows for an exchange of knowledge and markets, as well as the possibility of redundancy if you are a larger supplier where there really is no option at the moment.“, he explained.

Once approved, the system will be available in all regulated markets where the company is authorized to do business, “plus 140 unregulated markets as well”added Speach.

Esports Technologies does not stand still when it comes to expansion strategiesnot only in territory terms but in vertical diversification. The company’s new affiliate platform contributed to this expansion. “It really allowed us to capture some of the top affiliates in esports», and considered «if you are a serious B2C business, you should have your own affiliate platform. This way, you can manage everything without worrying about the error of the dedicated software or someone who doesn’t like this software. You can manage everything internally”.

Global trends such as investments in immersive technologies and metaverse expansion are also on the company’s radar. However, Speach said they were “looking at different ideas and toying with the idea of ​​different ways to use the metaverse for gambling. But we don’t have any immediate action we take on the new metaverse betting idea or what it might mean to have, like, a virtual casino”.

Nevertheless, the CEO of Esports Technologies said that the company is certainly not closed to the idea that “this could be a huge future avenue of paris”.

Even if there is no clear path for the company to enter the metaverse in the short term, the company has already confirmed its presence at real events this year, such as Sigma Dubai and ICE London. 2022 started with the brand is working on a new project that will be launched in the second quarter.

“I think our biggest product we’re working on right now, other than a e-sportsbookwould be our browser-based product. He is a chrome extension that you download from our site and, as you would any other Chrome extension that is in your toolbar, and whenever you are on a web page with a video, we play the video. And if we have determined that this video is an ongoing sporting event, we take our data from the streams and we actually put an overlay on the video stream you’re watching so you can bet directly in-stream.”

This product will be available across all of the company’s Esports products, including the unregulated GOGAWI Marketplacei.e. approximately 140 jurisdictions, as well as the regulated markets where the company operates in Western Europe.

Watch the full video interview with the CEO of Esports Technologies on our YouTube channel.


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