WATCH – Crazy Runout in EPT London Main Event boosts Ullereng; Tice eliminated at level 1!


The PokerStars European Poker Tour London to the fantastic Hilton Park Lane has been a resounding success so far. Several players picked up huge scores, such as Henrik Hecklenwho removed the £50,000 a few moments ago for £652,700.

Although this event ended earlier, the £5,300 EPT London Main Event is still going strong, with Day 1b happening right now. So far, there have been 401 entries into the second starting flight and only 250 players remain.

From cracked aces to full aces

crazy outing

One lucky player to still be in the running is the Norwegian Mats Ullereng, who is coming off a wild ride in the Main Event. Ullereng was all-in and in danger of being eliminated after betting his last 40,900 chips following a button versus small blind encounter with wayne heung.

The cards were revealed and Ullereng was a huge favorite as he held pocket aces while Heung held pocket red queens. The jack-high all-diamond flop kept Ullereng in front but Heung would take the lead if another diamond touched the felt. This is exactly what happened on the turn when the dealer brought the {a-Diamonds} to give Heung the flush, however Ullereng was not drawing dead as he collected outs for quads and a full house.

Another valet appeared on the river to bring Ullereng up and the table fell silent. Heung stayed in place, seemingly unimpressed with the river card and was knocked out a few hands later.

Landon Tice Bust Main Event

Tice Landon
Tice Landon

Tice Landon also appeared on Day 1b of the Main Event but has since ended up on the wrong side of the rail.

In a hand involving Julien Sibon and Samuel Ju, the American lost most of his stack in a brutal cooler. At the first level of the day, the action started with Tice opening at 300 from the button. Ju and Sitbon both called from the blinds.

The blinds checked Tice on the {8-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} flop, which continued for 200. Ju then popped it to 900 before Sitbon re-raised the flop to 2,500. A cold 3-bet on the flop following a check-raise is quite rare and surprisingly, Tice and Ju call.

Sitbon bet 3,000 on the {9-Hearts} turn and again both players called which brought the {a-Clubs} River. Sitbon fired a third barrel and calibrated up to 13,500 and only Tice made the call. Sitbon showed he had pocket nines for a full house while Tice had an ace-eight for an underboat and was left with a short stack.

Shortly after, Tice was ousted by Ju after getting all-in preflop, with the former in danger of being knocked out. Tice had tens but met pocket kings and couldn’t improve to stay in the Main Event.

Across Days 1a and 1b, there were 662 entries into the Main Event, with 83 players advancing to Day 2 from Day 1a. Another seven-figure prize pool has been created, with £3,210,700 being the current tally. These numbers are expected to increase as late registrations are open until the start of Day 2, which begins Monday, October 25 at 12:00 PM BST.

Be sure to check the EPT London Live Reporting Hub to follow all the action.

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