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Recent alarming news has come from one of the nation’s largest distributors of firearms, accessories and ammunition. In a now-missing Facebook post, Brownells said on July 1 that United Parcel Service (UPS) had terminated his account and would no longer accept any of his shipments. A check of Brownells shipping page currently only lists USPS and FedEx as available carrier options. Additionally, Florida-based Ghost Firearms has also been notified that their account will be terminated for allegedly “violating applicable laws regarding shipping ‘Ghost Weapons to unauthorized locations.'” The full letter sent to Ghost Firearms has been posted below.

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UPS cancels gun dealer accounts, destroys guns and parts?

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UPS cancels gun dealer accounts, destroys guns and parts?

While gun sales giant Brownells sells everything from live ammunition, guns, primers, propellants and gun parts, the much smaller Ghost guns, essentially only sell off-the-shelf unregulated items like lower 80% receivers, lower parts kits, optics, charging handles and muzzle devices. My understanding of the above letter seems to indicate that it is not UPS that will seize and destroy firearms, but more likely the ATF that has regulatory authority over these matters.

The owner of Ghost Firearms – Joe Zatar – contacted his local UPS representative who apparently had no idea his account had been terminated. What’s worse is that Ghost Firearms had just shipped nearly $30,000 worth of product to customers and that’s on top of a recent ATF visit two weeks earlier where Ghost Firearms was told that they were “completely legal” according to Zatar. Additionally, Zantar confirmed that the company makes sure not to ship to states where 80% of gun receivers are banned.

The only way Ghost Firearms would violate current “Ghost Gun” laws on the books is if they ship all the tools, instructions, and jigs needed to make an 80% “truly workable” receiver. Since Ghost Firearms does not sell such tools or instructions on their website, I personally cannot see how they could be in violation of ATF 2021R-05F. According to both retailers, attempts to get a response or clarification from UPS’s compliance department have been met with silence. None of the parts that Ghost Firearms is able to ship meet the criteria listed in UPS’s own rules.

UPS cancels gun dealer accounts, destroys guns and parts?

Source: UPS

At the time of writing, this is all the information we currently have on this situation. It’s unclear at this time if more gun parts manufacturers and retailers will receive the same treatment or if this is some kind of internal problem generated by rogue actors within UPS. It could also just be a case where UPS is clueless about the intricacies of shipping unregulated gun parts. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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