Three top designers and their most important work



Some designers are known for a unique collection or inspired garment whose image goes around the world, thanks to a celebrity wearing it at a high-profile event.

But others are building a lasting legacy over time, so let’s take a look at three of the top designers and what has been the most important work of their careers.

N. Peal collaborated with 007

The history of this brand dates back to the 1930s, founded in London by Nat Peal. It has had many ups and downs since then, with the James Bond connection perhaps providing their best moment when one of their cashmere sweaters was selected for 007 to wear in the 2012 movie Skyfall. This was followed. by more N. Peal items used in Specter and No Time to Die.

This prestigious coming together with one of the big icons of the big screen has led N. Peal to produce a collection of Bond-inspired pieces that are based on each of the six different actors who played the role of the suave secret agent. The stylish clothes they produced for Bond were so influential that the style was replicated in video games like Hitman and GTA V.

The collection was so iconic that we can see examples of the style in other forms of entertainment as well. For example, impeccably dressed spies are also featured in the slot games of popular online casinos like Mount Gold. Titles like Agent 41 and Agent Jane Blonde Returns sit alongside traditional table games such as roulette and baccarat, with live dealer games letting you experience the kind of casino atmosphere seen in the 007 franchise.

Brandice Daniel launched Harlem Fashion Row

Brandice Daniel founded the Harlem Fashion Row agency, setting up a multicultural platform that allows designers to sell and present their collections. This has led to the establishment of exciting new connections between emerging talent and big brands such as Nike. Daniel also hosted a 2018 Nike-sponsored fashion show presented by basketball star LeBron James, giving up-and-coming multicultural designers the chance to reach a wider audience.

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Another defining moment in his career came when Daniel collaborated with IMG to produce a showcase of Ruth E. Carter’s pieces for New York Fashion Week in 2019. While each of these accomplishments was remarkable in itself, it is likely the Memphis-born designer is best known for how she changed the industry with Harlem Fashion Row.

Fe Noel mentors young women entrepreneurs

Brooklyn-based Noel is the owner and designer of the womenswear brand that bears his name, having opened her first boutique at the age of 19. The brand puts glamor first, with a stunning clothing line that has proven to be hugely popular.

She created a collection named Daughter of the Soil for her debut at NYFW 2020, where Grenada-born Noel celebrated her Caribbean heritage after collaborating with Harlem Fashion Row on previous shows. Beyoncé and Michelle Obama are among the celebrities who have worn Noel’s creations.

Perhaps her most enduring contribution to the fashion industry will come from the Fe Noel Foundation. This is a program that provides hands-on mentoring to talented young women, with the idea of ​​helping them eventually start their own businesses.

Each of these examples shows us how fashion designers can make their mark in popular culture and the world at large, often helping others and inspiring new trends along the way.



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