The post-pandemic world will be very different


In March 2020, no one would have expected the COVID-19 pandemic to lead to full shutdowns and bring a major shift in people’s attitudes. The way we work, communicate, travel and interact with others has changed after COVID-19. The pandemic may be behind us as the majority of people have been vaccinated, but health experts predict there may be additional waves of COVID-19 infections. But the world is now much better prepared to face these waves than in March 2020. The change in lifestyle and work culture has been fueled by increased use of online services.

Video communication and technology are becoming mainstream

Communication changed after COVID-19. People are now comfortable with video conferencing apps such as ZOOM, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and Webex Meetings. Videoconferencing technologies were used primarily by the corporate world, but COVID-19 has made this service widespread.

Education goes online

Online Classrooms was gaining a subscriber base at a slow pace before the COVID-19 pandemic. But, as schools and colleges have gone online during the pandemic, the use of video conferencing has become commonplace in the education sector. It will be good for distance education and online courses offered by various reputable universities around the world.

Online games and sports betting

Online gambling, casino games and online sports betting accelerated during the shutdowns. During the pandemic, land-based casinos were closed and people turned to online platforms. Online platforms have successfully risen to the challenge and have evolved with the changing times. Live dealer online casinos provide a wonderful and immersive experience for gamblers. Some seasoned bettors even believe that it is not necessary to go to Vegas or Macau but one can enjoy Vegas online casino on online platforms. Industry experts believe that this sector will also continue to grow in the future.

Online video and music streaming

Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, YouTube were among the most popular video streaming services during the shutdowns. As more and more people work remotely, the time spent on online platforms has increased. Music services like Spotify, Apple Music and regional apps have also seen strong growth over the past two years.

Remote work

Many companies had no choice during the pandemic but to allow their staff to work remotely. However, the latest data suggests that this trend will also continue in the future. Many people find remote work easy and relaxing. Some studies in Western Europe suggest that workers perform better when working remotely.

Fitness apps are growing in popularity as people become health conscious

People have started following fitness programs and the healthy eating trend has gained increased interest during the pandemic. Considering the high fitness demand, even the big tech Apple has started offering fitness service to its consumers.

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. Many people started cooking at home as they tried to do something creative while staying at home. The use of technology in all of these remote tasks has been of paramount importance. Everything we do, our smartphone or wearable devices are there. While many people have lost loved ones during the pandemic and that loss can never be repaid, the human race has learned many survival lessons during difficult times. We should hope for the best and also be prepared for such calamity in the future.

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