The connection between video games and NFTs


Playing games and having fun have always been interconnected processes, but this activity has become more advanced and multi-component. The possibility of earning extra money from gambling has been presented by bettors – they play free online slots, switch to real money gambling and raise capital. After rewards were infused into several gameplays, this aspect of online gaming began to pick up the pace of development even more.

The addition of blockchain technologies has brought several miracles. With the help of cryptocurrencies, interested parties can facilitate cross-border operations and participate in multiple gambling activities even from non-accessible areas. What discoveries and innovations will NFTs introduce? Let’s try to figure it out!

The principle of NFT performance in games

Before starting the analysis of NFTs in modern games, it is necessary to understand what this term refers to. Non-fungible tokens are mined by a distributed public ledger. It allows the recorded data to remain safe, secure and transparent at the same time. In the majority of cases, NFTs are designed as part of the Ethereum blockchain. There are many types of what creates a non-fungible token base:

  • These tokens can be represented by tangible elements. The listing contains the artwork samples and products such as designer sneakers.
  • Intangible goodies are also on the move. NFTs can take care of virtual collectibles such as music, game skins/avatars, as well as GIFs.

NFT games are the most important innovation, where industry compatibility is huge. With non-fungible cross-platform playability, developers will be able to deliver more exclusive experiences without the risk of information loss.

This technology has already been appreciated as a wonderful in-game trading format, which is expected to gain popularity in the near future. In 2021, revenue generated by GameFi was nearly five billion US dollars. In the first month of 2022, the huge boom was followed – the infrastructure brought in almost one billion US dollars.

Bitcoin versus NFT

To understand the nature of NFTs, i.e. non-fungible tokens, interested parties will need to dig deeper into related topics. It is incorrect to call Bitcoin an NFT and vice versa, but they have some similarities. Since they are generated on blockchain technology, they are distinguished by their decentralized nature, transparency, information security and other characteristics.

The main difference between NFTs and cryptocurrencies is that the former category cannot be traded. No exchanges can also take place. The name is self-explanatory: they are non-fungible. Each token has a unique digital signature, which eliminates the possibility of previous activities.

CSGO vs. NFT Skins

In several ways, these solutions have many similarities in principle. For some reason, skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are considered ancestors of non-fungible tokens. Although the idea of ​​creation is not related to this game, the connection to digital files often makes you think the opposite:

  • Technically, all skins in the game belong to the software developer, i.e. Valve. If the game ends its viral existence in the market, all skins will be lost. Scenarios are different from NFTs. Thanks to the decentralized nature of blockchain, information will be protected and preserved.
  • Ownership and value discrepancies are crucial, and this is what does not allow users to consider CSGO skins and NFT siblings. Non-fungible tokens are more personalized and accessible. NFTs will be implemented in video games later, which will increase their effectiveness. For the moment, they do not have their intrinsic value.

NFT Use Cases Explained

Art is one of the most popular examples to illustrate the work of non-fungible tokens. Interested parties have the opportunity to monetize their goods without the involvement of third parties (as in the case of cooperation with galleries or exhibition centers). It is possible to do one of the following:

  • Suppliers can enter into a one-time sale and purchase agreement with customers, which will consist of a direct transfer of the master’s work in the form of an NFT to the target recipient.
  • Instead of selling an NFT all at once, it will be more like receiving installment rewards – a certain percentage of sales.

Created by popular brands, these non-fungible tokens can be sold out in the blink of an eye. The experiences of Taco Bell and Charmin will be striking illustrations of this. In the future, the development of NFTs will be more related to other industries. There are several games with NFT elements, so the introduction of this technology should be added to the opportunity to play free slot machines online. Given the interconnection between the online gambling market and cryptocurrencies, the implementation of NFTs, based on similar cryptography principles, will not be complicated. The chances of this innovation stimulating a new wave of casino games are quite high. The analogous situation has already occurred in other markets. For more innovative ways to apply NFT-based services, consider the information in the table below.

Anti-fraud mechanisms The fact that NFT marketplaces are great for selling tangible and intangible goodies can be turned into a more meaningful goal – validating the authenticity of products.
real estate sector Cooperation and communication between the parties involved can be safer. At the same time, they can be applied as decentralized rental services, automated payment methods for small contracts, etc.
Protection of information Cryptocurrencies and NFTs can boast of the security of their data thanks to the core of the blockchain. The same principle will apply to maintaining medical records and maintaining the tracked performance of health experts. This will also be useful for identity verification. Proving ownership of intellectual property is another area in which to use NFTs.


Non-fungible tokens are gaining ground. Its functionality is lacking because the minimum of its industrial capabilities has been introduced into reality. In the future, they can be applied as a means of voting, artwork tracking, and of course more profitable ways to play free online slots and other games and enjoy the pastime .


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