Sci-fi mobile games, anyone?


When reading gaming news and hearing from industry experts, it’s been impossible to ignore the rise of smartphone gaming. While the gaming package on offer will never be enough for some, others occasionally use the power of a modern smartphone for the occasional gaming session.

The sheer amount of games people can access as and when it suits them is remarkable when evaluating previous versions people could play, like Snake. Now, in 2022, alongside popular online casino games and iconic releases like Candy Crush Saga, we are inundated with an array of releases on a smartphone. For sci-fi fans, some titles are also worth spending time on. Although not comparable to PC and console products, they still offer fun and entertainment if you are looking for a solid game or two for your mobile phone.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best sci-fi mobile games available for download. All games featured are available to play on iOS and Android devices unless otherwise stated.

Alien: Isolation

If tactics aren’t your thing and you’re looking for a version full of battle with aliens in space, then you can’t go wrong with Alien: Isolation. It’s a delight to log on to, especially considering how horrifying it looks that irritates most players. As Amanda travels to a space station to investigate her mother’s disappearance, it becomes clear that something has taken over. From there, what comes next makes Alien: Isolation a really great game.

Ticket to Earth

Well-received due to its detailed storyline and impressive character development, Ticket To Earth follows the story of Rose and a group of friends as they face off against robots and aliens in a tactical version filled with puzzles. which also has visual novel features. If you’re looking for a sci-fi themed puzzle game for your smartphone, you’ve found one of the best out there, especially in terms of visuals.


If evil aliens aren’t really your thing, then the more relaxed offering at Morphite just might be. Combining FPS mechanics in a visually pleasing version capable of providing hours of entertainment, this particular game tasks players with exploring a vast space environment with the goal of changing the universe. When a special resource called morphite is discovered, the game takes you on an even more exciting journey as you search for the same resource in different star systems. Overall, Morphite is a joy to play.

Star Trek: Fleet Command

An iconic name in science fiction, a Star Trek game will always be well received by fans of the genre. When reviewing Star Trek: Fleet Command, it’s obvious how far smartphone gaming has come, given the impressive graphics on display. A combat strategy title with management simulation mechanics, it offers a challenge alongside a truly intriguing game to play, given its strategic element. Along the way, you’ll master the role of leader, while honing your combat skills to fight your way to success. If you are a Star Trek fan, just download this one.

Girls Frontline

A beautifully crafted product thanks to its gacha theme, Girls’ Frontline is an epic release that will keep you on your toes as you play as a commander of a military force that aims to survive in a world made uninhabitable by toxic substances. Fluid collapse. With humanity nearly wiped out for good, it’s up to you and your team to save the day.

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