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  • The BAETH 2.0 token is a hyper deflationary token based on BSC that offers many investment options with real use cases and a reward mechanism.
  • BAETH 2.0 token offers AETH tokens as reflection; the community can use them (AETH reflection) for rewards.
  • 15% of their crypto-mining farm will be distributed among holders who stake their BAETH token through the staking platform.

The emergence of Bitcoin has revolutionized digital assets. However, digital mining also has its drawbacks, such as lack of technical knowledge and infrastructure requirements. Hence, many people refrain from investing in the crypto industry. Overcoming these issues while providing an attractive platform is the goal of the new Baby Aetherius 2.0 project.

This hyper deflationary token BAETH 2.0 based on BSC offers many investment options with real use cases and reward mechanism. In its next offering, the project will introduce arcade games, virtual casinos and P2E games to help users relive their childhood memories.

Introducing Baby Aetherius 2.0?

BAETH 2.0 is a community project where users can interact with each other and have fun like babies. The hyper deflationary token acts as a reward token for Aetherius with its P2E arcade games. Since users need to purchase Aetherius to acquire mining rigs, Baby Aetherius 2.0 welcomes the AETH community as a go-between by offering BNB and Aetherius reflections.

The project is free from shareholders, marketers or manager governance and offers security audited open source smart contracts that are permanent. The token offered by the developers is a utility token with multiple benefits.


The wallets of the project’s founders and developers are locked for twelve months while the CEO and co-founder are fully doxxed. The project has KYC verified and its BabyAetherius contract has been audited by ContractChecker and received an 89% rating.

It offers the following features:

The founders of the project realize that not all holders like to lock their Aetherius tokens for a specific period to get rewards. Therefore, they offer an option like DAPP (Farming). Holders can generate additional income through this option without locking their tokens with different farming options. Additionally, by staking the Baby Aetherius in the company’s DAPPS, holders will earn reward tickets with a chance to win a Tesla 2022 Model 3.

  • BAETH 2.0 Play to Win Arcade

The vision of the project is to bring out the inner child of each user. The Baby Aetherius gaming platform offers this opportunity to all users. They will also bridge the age gap in the crypto community and ensure that even old people have fun with the unique arcade games and a virtual casino.

Baby Aetherius Web 3 allows users to receive mining rewards. Here, BAETH holders can select all physical assets such as mining machines using AETH as a payment method.

$BAETH 2.0 token and tokenomics

The utility token is based on 100% transparency and their team constantly shares updates, a few projects, and project achievements with their community members. BAETH 2.0 has a total supply of 100 billion tokens. 20% will be spent on burning across 15 different burning events from the total token supply. 2% of total supply goes to marketing, 38% to presales, 18% to rewards and cash pool each, and 4% to team.

The token charges a 9% tax on purchase transactions, of which 2% goes to the liquidity pool, 1.5% each to BNB and AETH reflections, 3% to the marketing wallet, and 1% to the development team. Of the 10% sales transaction tax fee, 2% goes to the liquidity pool, 1.5% each to BNB and AETH reflections, 4% to the marketing portfolio, and 1% to the development team.


Aetherius is the first hash-backed cryptocurrency offering mining devices with the Aetherius token as a payment method. The community project has reached a successful presale of 400 BNB (Hard Cap) and is eagerly awaiting the launch of its metaverse and 3D NFT in the next stages.

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