Real buds with age gaps like Larry David and Timothée Chalamet


This one is a bromance for the ages.

When Larry David, 74, and Timothée Chalamet, 25, stood out dinner together last week, fans deemed the meeting between the star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and the fashionable singer “Little Women” “iconic”.

“How do they even know each other? One tweeted. And speculation arose that Chalamet may have been buddies with David’s daughter Romy, 25, who was also at lunch, or that the actors were engaged in a project together.

But the May-December friendship is not so rare in New York; non-celebrities also tout the benefits of forming friendships with people outside of their consolation zone.

“It’s such a healthy thing. Our society talks a lot about diversity these days – and that can include age, ”said Manhattan Psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael. “Different backgrounds and experiences can enrich each other in many ways, from skill sets or knowledge to life perspectives. There is so much to learn and enjoy from one generation to the next. You can really learn from each other.

Comedians Mike Fine and Bernie Berns love to talk everyday, despite being 53 years old aside.

Comedian and Rabbi Mike Fine, 40, was participating in a fundraiser about eight years ago when Bernie Berns, 93, starred in the same room.

“I was in awe of him,” said Fine, who lives in Flushing. “I’ve heard of him for years, the ‘Borscht Belt King of the Catskills’. The two hit it off and a deep friendship was formed. They now meet in a park on the West Side of Manhattan almost every afternoon and hang out for hours, and have just gone upstate for a harvest competition, where they have navigated a corn maze and hit the craps desk of an online casino.

“These seniors are the life of the party,” said Fine. “Some people think that the older people are, the less they have to offer. I think the opposite: they are walking encyclopedias of knowledge.

Gal’s pals Loretta Antosofsky, left, and Liz Rashes, strictly speaking, don’t let their four-decade-long hole hurt their friendship.

For Fine, Berns’ long acting career has been the fodder for much of their talk. “I can’t have a conversation with a kid about Jack Benny because they don’t know who he is. They cannot name any of the Marx brothers, let alone Groucho. The only Marx they know is Karl Marx, ”lamented Fine, who added that despite being 53 years away, they have“ the same priorities ”.

Berns, who lives in Hell’s Kitchen, agreed. “When it comes to intellectual ideas, I don’t think age matters,” Berns said. “We talk about everything, our lives, global issues. We always have something to say. “

Sometimes a sudden friendship is ready next door.

For Loretta Antosofsky, an 82-year-old retired executive counselor on the Upper West Side, it didn’t take any effort to forge a friendship about 15 years ago with her neighbor, Liz Rashes, of around 40 years his junior.

“We connected immediately – to the point where Liz immediately invited us to her birthday party,” said Antosofsky, who lives with her husband, Marvin. “The age difference does not matter – we are very free with each other.”

The two meet up every night to walk Antosofsky’s dog, Gila, collectively, and catch up. “We talk about everything,” said Rashes, who works in tech and enjoys buying and consuming with Antosofsky.

Although pals his age don’t choose their relationship, Rashes admitted that Antosofsky’s heads have recently been wondering why the whippersnapper is still around.

“Someone in their mah-jongg group asks me why I’m hanging out with them, [says] that I have to write a screenplay.

Many octogenarians certainly have stories worth celebrating.

Rapper Kosha Dillz, left, and octogenarian Sami Steigmann became quick friends, despite the over 40 age difference.
Rapper Kosha Dillz, left, and Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann became quick friends after meeting on an online occasion.
Courtesy of Kosha Dillz

81 years old Holocaust survivor and motivational speaker Sami Steigmann, who spent years of his childhood in a labor camp in Ukraine and was subjected to Nazi medical experiments, befriended Rami Matan Even-Esh, a 40-year-old Bushwick-based rapper who passes through Kosha dillz, at a Jewish web event in the summer of 2020.

“I started inviting him more and more,” Even-Esh said. “It’s important to have people in your life with life experiences different from yours – to hear their stories and their wisdom. He is part of my crew. A lot of people are really happy to meet someone like him.

Even-Esh even hosted Steigmann at this month’s very first ‘Bald Fest’, where Steigmann was hoisted up on a chair with the blasting “Hava Nagila” in the background as loud spectators cheered him on.

“I like spending time with young people, they make me feel young. Most people my age are busy with their grandchildren, ”said Steigmann, who lives alone in Harlem. “I am very comfortable with young people.

Despite his exceptional life, Steigmann insists he feels lucky. “I believe I get more than I give.”

But don’t underestimate this good old-school grandpa recommendation, says Berns, who can’t help but pushes his young good friend Fine to waste no time settling in: “I keep on going. to tell him, “OK, buddy, it’s time to get married and have kids.


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