PlayStar Casino CEO talks about launching NJ and building for the future


Play Star Casino is a new name to the American market. However, unlike many of its NJ competitors, this Europe-based operator is a start-up, which means the Garden State is the premier market where PlayStar slots and table games (live dealer included) are available.

To get an insight into PlayStar’s approach to NJ’s mature online casino market (at least as far as North America is concerned), PlayNJ sat down with By salsaPlayStar CEO.

PlayNJ: Is it exciting that PlayStar Casino is finally live in New Jersey?

By salsa

By salsa: We are extremely excited and delighted to have finally launched our online casino product in New Jersey. After all, we are a start-up and two years ago it was just an idea in the minds of our founders. Since then, we have secured market access through Ocean [Casino Resort]built an amazing and highly advanced product, put together a great team and created a fantastic company.

People have told us that a startup with no existing revenue can’t do this, but we think differently. Being a start-up is probably our greatest strength because we don’t have to struggle with the legacy of old companies. We can build for the future without anything holding us back.

PlayNJ: Why did PlayStar decide to choose New Jersey first?

Going into New Jersey first was an obvious choice. It’s the most established online casino market in the United States and if you can make it happen, we think you can make it anywhere. The New Jersey customer knows the casino very well, and with our casino-centric approach, we believe we can provide them with a better online casino experience by tailoring our product offering to their personal needs.

PlayNJ: What are some of the biggest challenges PlayStar faces when it comes to brand recognition in mature online casino markets like New Jersey and Pennsylvania?

By salsa: We like to think of opportunities rather than challenges. First of all, we don’t consider New Jersey or Pennsylvania to be very mature markets, because compared to Europe, the United States is a very young market. There is strong revenue growth expected in these markets in the coming years and in any market a good product has all the potential to gain market share if you do it right.

From a brand perspective, we will not enter the fight for traditional brand building channels such as TV or billboards with huge cost and waste, but rather target gamers with intention. through digital channels where we know we can reduce the noise in the market. Casino players have different needs compared to a sports betting player, which allows us to be very targeted with our offerings to these players through performance-based digital marketing channels. Thus, players who like online casinos will know us, others will not.

PlayNJ: What can you tell us about why NJ players will want to try the PlayStar Casino app?

By salsa: Because, compared to most brands in the US, it’s not a “me too” product that acts as an add-on to their sports betting offering. It is a product designed from the ground up for the online casino player to provide a personalized and engaging journey based on their individual needs. We are not targeting the masses, but rather focus on providing online casino players with a unique and personalized experience. Therefore, while the market drives awareness, we drive preference.

PlayNJ: What about the selection of games that PlayStar has offered since the beginning?

By salsa: Our content strategy was pretty simple, we had to match what’s in the market, and we’re happy to say we’re doing that from day one. We have all the major game providers on board, allowing PlayStar to bring our players an incredible selection of games they’ve known since day one.

And we will continue to grow this catalog, as we are very active in engaging new game providers that come to market, to ensure that our offering is up to par with the best of them. On top of that, we have exclusive retention games and fun promotions that players can’t get anywhere else.

PlayNJ: What can you tell us about the content of slots and table games?

By salsa: PlayStar has an extensive games portfolio which includes all classic slots from top providers such as IGT, NetEnt, Light & Wonder and we will keep it fresh by adding new content and providers as they become available . With a full range of tabletop games including standards and modernized variations of the classics, every PlayStar gamer will find the tabletop game to suit their needs. Our live casino is already up and running with Roulette, Blackjack, Dreamcatcher, Baccarat and more.

Exclusive content is something we are working hard to secure and hope to bring more news about it soon.

PlayNJ: If an online casino player from New Jersey asks “Who is PlayStar?” how would you answer?

By salsa: PlayStar is an online casino designed only for those who want an exceptional, personalized and engaging casino experience. PlayStar is the online casino that cares about YOU and YOUR needs. The online casino where YOU are the star of the show!

PlayNJ: Any update you can share regarding the Pennsylvania launch plans?

By salsa: We are progressing as planned and look forward to launching into our second state in the United States once all regulatory processes are complete.


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