NJ Online Casino Revenue Hits Over $133 Million in June


New Jersey Online Casinos had a good performance in Junesince they totaled a little more $133 million in monthly income. Despite declining profits for the third consecutive monthNJ online gambling is second only to its record-breaking performance of March.

Based on June numbers released by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, revenue was approximately $133.1 million. He came below the garden condition current record for a month of $140.7 million. Because this figure was right around the national record, some regression is expected.

Since I live Nov 2013, NJ online casinos have grown significantly in popularity. The June figures reflect a greater recent outbreakwhose turnover has increased considerably over the last 12 months.

Let’s take a closer look at this latest demonstration and what online casinos in NJ may have in store in the future.

Borgata, Golden Nugget, Resorts Digital set the tone

There’s not much of a surprise at the top of the NJ online casino revenue chart, where three household names sit above the rest.

The Borgataled by BetMGM and its namesake online casinos, in the lead $40 million again in June. He accomplished this in March and fell like the leading online license provider exceed this mark.

Although his June earnings didn’t quite match his May personal best (nearly $42.6 million), he was again the only license holder above $40 million. Overall, June earnings were about $3 million lower than May’s figure of $133.1 million.

Brands operating under the gold nuggets licensing aren’t far behind, however. They have managed more than $35.7 million this past month. This is slightly more than the previous month ($34.6 million).

Gold nugget, FanDuel and Sugar House online casinos all operate under the GN license.

The only other NJ licensee that continues to hold a significant market share is digital games (the online branch of Atlantic City Resorts). Directed by DraftKings and StoolRDG generated a bit more $28 million in June.

Resorts also fell slightly, as they were closer to $30 million in May. However, every licensee sees quality growth of 2021.

Borgata’s year-to-date comparison shows it’s up 26.7% from this point last year. Golden Nugget is one improvement from 19.7%while Resorts presents the most drastic change, rising 41.6% starting in 2021. The latter could be attributed to the fact that Barstool Casino only launched in the second half of 2021.

These three licensees will continue to set the pace for NJ online casinos for the foreseeable future.

NJ online casino revenue drops for third straight month

So even if the casinos were still producing over $133 million in profits, there is a negative trend occurring. Since crossing the $140 million mark in March, revenue has fallen for the third consecutive month.

The April figure almost exceeded $136.9 millionahead of May earnings just at $136 million. Now, with a couple million Junes on it, it could be something to look for in the months to come.

One explanation could be period of the year. With the summer months and good weather here, maybe more people have fun rather than playing online.

This factor can also result in more bettors frequenting their favorite AC casino and betting in person instead.

The month of July should give a good indication of whether this is true or not. It is very possible that earnings will continue to be a bit slow until the fall arrives.

Last year’s data mostly supports that idea, even though July 2021 earnings jumped about $12 million after June.

2022 NJ Online Casino Revenues Way Ahead of Last Year

As mentioned when it comes to top online casino operators in the state, the total revenue is greatly increasing when you look at last year.

The individual monthly figure of $133.1 million is a considerable increase from 24.4% from June 2021. This recovery is even more significant when breaking down the numbers since the beginning of the year.

Through June, NJ online casino revenues exceeded $814.5 million in total. This is 28.4% better than a year ago, when it was about $634.2 million.

Although Borgata, Golden Nugget and Resorts are much higher than others in the state, their NJ online casino revenue does not witness the the most growth.

For this year, this title belongs to ocean casinowhich envisages an increase of 73.6% In income. Of course, it is much easier to increase your profits when they are much smaller than other establishments. Still, it’s an impressive feat, as it sits slightly above $11.6 million for the current year.


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