MINISO Group Holding Limited (NYSE: MNSO) Short Interest Update


There was a noticeable decrease in the total amount of short interest in MINISO Group Holding Limited in September (NYSE: MNSO-Get Rating). As of September 15, a total of 6,470,000 shares were available for short sale, but as of September 30, there were only 4,790,000 shares available for short sale. As of September 15, there were a total of 6,470,000 shares available for short sale. The current short interest ratio is 6.2 days, calculated on the basis of an average daily volume of 775,800 shares. The report determined that number.

The price of NYSE:MNSO rose $0.01 during Friday’s trading session, hitting $5.01. There was a total trade of 15,065 shares of the company, which is considerably less than the typical daily trading volume of 648,936 shares. The company’s moving average stock price over the past 50 days is $5.75 and its moving average stock price over the past 200 days is $6.50. Currently, the debt ratio is zero, the quick ratio is one, the current ratio is two, and the current ratio is 2.13. MINISO Group hit an all-time low of $4.45 during its 52-week trading period, while the company hit an all-time high of $17.39 during the same period. Due to low beta of 0.79, market value of $1.59 billion, price to earnings ratio of 16.13, growth price to earnings ratio of 0.22 and price to profit of 0.22, the company is in a precarious financial situation.
In a research note released on July 13, Goldman Sachs Group lowered its price target on MINISO Group from $12.20 to $11.90. The report includes an analysis of the revised price target.
Additionally, on September 9, a dividend just declared by the company and distributed to shareholders was also paid by the company. The company paid this dividend. The previous Wednesday, August 31, registered shareholders were eligible to receive a dividend payment of $0.152 per share, distributed the following Wednesday, September 1. On Tuesday, August 30, the taxable status of this payment changed to “no longer subject to taxation.” »

The number of hedge funds and other types of institutional investors have increased or decreased the percentage of their holdings invested in the company in recent months. The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund increased its holdings of MINISO Group shares by 9.4% in the first three months of 2018. The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund now holds 1,928,000 shares of the company after purchased an additional 165,800 shares during the most recent period. The stock is currently valued at $15,038,000 and the trust fund holds 1,928,000 shares. Qube Research & Technologies Ltd. increased the proportion of shares held by the MINISO Group by 18.1% during the first three months of 2018. Following the acquisition of 11,510 additional shares during the period covered by this report, Qube Research & Technologies Ltd now owns a total of 75,077 shares of the company, which have a combined value of $586,000 after taking into account their market values. Due to the company’s investment, UBS Group AG’s stake in MINISO Group increased by 277.3% in the first three months of 2018. UBS Group AG now holds a total of 7,645 shares in the company , valued at $60,000 after acquiring 5,619 additional shares during the last quarter. Each share of the company has a value of $0. During the third quarter, Mackenzie Financial Corporation increased the proportion of MINISO group shares it held to 221.9%. Mackenzie Financial Corp holds a total of 1,000,303 shares of the company, which are worth $5,492,000 after the company purchased an additional 689,557 shares during the period. This brings the total number of shares held by the company to a total of 1,000,303. increased the percentage of MINISO Group shares it held by 12.8%, which is the last and most important point. After making an additional purchase of 83,355 shares in the last quarter, M&G Investment Management Ltd. now owns 736,380 shares of the company. The amount of the value can be attributed to the shares of M&G Investment Management Ltd. in the society. Institutional investors and hedge funds own the company’s shares at 17.98% of the total.

MINISO Group Holding Limited, an investment holding company, is responsible for selling and distributing lifestyle products across multiple continents, including China, Asia, the Americas and Europe. The activities of MINISO Group Holding Limited cover these regions. The company sells a variety of products, including home decor items, small electronics, textiles, accessories, toys, cosmetics, personal care items, snacks, fragrances, stationery and gifts. . These products are sold under the MINISO and WonderLife brands. In addition, the company sells a variety of well-known toys under the brand “TOP-TOY.” These toys include collectible dolls, toy bricks, model figures, scale models, Ichiban Kuji and sculptures. Blind boxes are also one of the company’s most popular product lines.


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