Louie Anderson’s family claim he was a victim of elder abuse


Actor by Louie Anderson his family claims he suffered “elder abuse” in his final days, which led to a drastic change in the distribution of his fortune.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Lisa Anderson – Louie’s sister – has filed a motion with the court asking a judge to invalidate a late change in the comedian’s confidence, which changes the payment to family members and friends.

In the shocking filing, Lisa accuses several Anderson associates of conspiring to alter legal documents that originally paid a higher percentage of money and royalties from her work to her siblings. It should be noted that Louie did not have any children during his lifetime.

The two “respondents” in this case are Ahmos Hassan (labeled as his agent) and Abraham Geisness (labeled as his manager). Also, Lisa says, at some point in his life, Abraham was Louie’s “lover.”

Louie Anderson would have changed the financial payment to his family in the last days


During the last years of his life, Lisa points out that Louie suffered from obesity resulting in a heart attack and bypass surgery. In 2013, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and suffered from Prostate cancer in 2020. During this time, Louie’s sister claims the comedian wanted to have a family reunion in Florida after one of his shows. After the event, Lisa says Anderson said he wanted to fly to California because he thought Ahmos was “stealing” him.

Fast forward a few months, and the comedian’s health deteriorated to the point that he could no longer walk or take care of himself. She says many of his family members volunteered to live with him so he could get through the day. In January 2022, it was apparent the comedian might not make it and his sister said she received a strange call from a friend claiming Louie had said, “I don’t want Lisa to come here and I call when I want her. to get out.”

She added: “Louie spoke with long hesitations between his words and it seemed like he was being trained to say the words he was speaking. It was strange because earlier Louie had wanted Lisa to come out and lay down next to him on a new bed he wanted to buy.Throughout his life, Louie and (I) had a special, loving bond and called each other every day, sometimes twice a day.

Comedian Louie Anderson’s Family Claims Trust Changed While Inconsistent

Family of comedian Louie Anderson claims he was a victim of elder abuse

In her final days, Lisa claims that Louie was hospitalized and unable to speak. Describing how his “eyes weren’t closed, but he was staring straight ahead”. Adding, he did not recognize his two sisters.

On January 12, 2022 – four days before his death – Louie executed a “first amendment” to his trust. His sister claims the comedian was “forced” to change on his “deathbed”. Louie passed away on January 16, 2022.

According to the legal documents, the update brought substantial changes that “reduced the gifts” the comedian gave to his siblings. Lisa described the specific allegations, saying a group of people (including Abraham and Ahmos) entered her hospital room after asking her to leave. She claims she could hear “voices screaming and yelling at Louie telling her to sign documents,” including “that’s it! You have to sign NOW.

The update included a signature from Louie, which his sister said was a “scribble” that the band forced him to sign because he was “unable to hold a pen in his hand and write at this time”.

See the dying comedian’s ‘Scribble’ signature

Family of comedian Louie Anderson claims he was a victim of elder abuse
the explosion

The file included an account of his finances and said he residual income of about 120,000 per year less commissions.

It should be noted that the original trust would have made Abraham its “friend and lover” the trustee, and he gifted his property to Christine E. Geisness (Abrahams ex-wife). All other assets were given to a “sibling trust”, including a “substantial number of intellectual property assets” related to his performances as an actor, comedian and writer. The updated version removed siblings as “sole beneficiaries” and added Ahmos, and Abraham giving them 30% each.

Ultimately, Anderson’s sister says he was forced to make this change to his last wishes during a time when “his mental and physical condition had so diminished that he was unable to resist their undue influence. “. Furthermore, she claims that her mobile phone was confiscated from her in her final days in an attempt to “isolate her from her family”.

Lisa Anderson is asking the court to invalidate the amendment and hold the two men “responsible for the financial abuse of elders” of the comedian.

Family of comedian Louie Anderson claims he was a victim of elder abuse

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