Kaleidoscope Media Systems is listed on THE OCMX™


SEATTLE, WA, July 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Kaleidoscope Media Systems is listed on THE OCMX™

Kaleidoscope Media Systems is a software and services company with diverse interests in 7 industries, including gambling and online gaming. Kaleidoscope was founded in 2011 to give business owners full control through automation, letting them know where their business is in real time from anywhere in the world. The Kaleidoscope team has been successful across multiple industries and with multiple gaming brands and sites for over twenty-five years.

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Kaleidoscope Media Systems on its online portal which offers financial networks the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

The OCMX™ spent considerable time completing its due diligence on Kaleidoscope Media Systems and concluded that there is indeed tremendous potential for this business.

The OCMX™ noted that Kaleidoscope Media Systems exhibits the main components of any strong opportunity, namely a strong management team, an excellent balance sheet and several key competitive advantages.

Kaleidoscope brings together expert and veteran industry leaders to capitalize and grow underserved markets. Kaleidoscope will deploy its multi-industry technologies with the integration of cryptocurrency and data-driven solutions bringing gaming into the 21st century.

By connecting customers to engaging gaming solutions, Kaleidoscope will host micro-marketplaces linked to international player platforms creating a high rate of consistent play and player retention.

Kaleidoscope will acquire Roxy’s Casino and Roxbury Lanes, which is a card room casino and entertainment venue within a prime market. Deploy and operate an online micro-marketplace for electronic game partners with direct customer marketing services. Kaleidoscope will deploy a dynamic loyalty system that empowers both the company and customers while realizing new asset-based values ​​in the ownership of cryptocurrency tokens.

Kaleidoscope will fund the deployment of the Double Dead Man Guts online gaming system with a Curacao-based license and deployment in 38 countries. Kaleidoscope will continue to grow its footprint in the gaming industry both in physical venues and in the online market.

• Kaleidoscope has recruited a leadership and development team that has built, managed, and transformed most profitable gaming operations and brands in Washington State.
• Kaleidoscope has an exclusive license for online gambling with a proprietary type of game that is faster than Texas-Holdem poker.
• Kaleidoscope has developed a unique and cutting-edge loyalty program backed by asset-based cryptocurrency to deliver the most attractive player rewards in the industry.
• Kaleidoscope’s real-time accounting systems keep management informed of finances in a real-time environment.
• Kaleidoscope maintains excellent relationships with all Washington State regulatory agencies.

Ron Tate – Ron Tate has over twenty-five years of business experience as a business owner, investor and executive. He spent more than twenty of those years in senior management. Mr. Tate also built several businesses from scratch and eventually sold them for a profit. Mr. Tate founded Vista Vending, Inc., a distribution company located in Kent, Washington in 1991. He was responsible for developing and training sales teams, managing annual sales and budgets.

David M. Otto – David M. Otto has practiced law for over thirty-three years, focusing on corporate finance, securities, mergers/acquisitions, corporate governance and capital markets. He received his BA from Harvard University in 1981 and his JD from Fordham University School of Law in 1987. He is the founding managing partner of Martin Davis, PLLC, a boutique law firm, a founder and general partner of CounterPointe Ventures, a blockchain technology. fund, and founder and director of CounterPointe Sports Group, a company dedicated to tokenizing interests in professional sports franchises.

Mark Linnevers – Mr. Linnevers has over 30 years experience in the casino, restaurant and hospitality industries. Mr. Linnevers has been with Evergreen Gaming Corporation since 2003 and has held the positions of General Manager and Food & Beverage Manager. As Managing Director, he oversaw the expansion of Evergreen Gaming properties and brands through new builds and multiple acquisitions.

Mike McCarthy – Mr. McCarthy is the COO of Evergreen Gaming Corporation and has over 30 years of casino gaming management experience. Mr. McCarthy previously served as Director of Gaming Operations and Managing Director of Evergreen Gaming Corporation. He was a key member of the management of startup Gaming Consultants Incorporated, which was later acquired by Evergreen Gaming. Mr. McCarthy has spent the past 18 years holding executive positions at Gaming Consultants Inc., The Golden Nugget Card Room, Washington Gold Casinos and Evergreen Gaming Corporation.

Jeremiah Ocasio – Jeremiah Ocasio is an information and systems design/integration expert who has worked at Kaleidoscope Media Systems as CTO since 2010. With a history of successfully integrating advanced logic systems into enterprise workflows and driving a comprehensive systems architecture, Jeremiah provides strong leadership and planning for software systems. Prior to working at Kaleidoscope, Jeremiah worked as a process improvement and logistics support, systems developer and integration expert in several industries.

James Kauten – James Kauten has 25 years of experience in multiple aspects of gaming operations including frontline positions such as table game dealer, floor supervisor and shift supervisor for the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians in San Jacinto CA. James spent 7 years at Great American Gaming Corp from 2010 to 2017, holding positions such as Casino Manager and General Manager. Successfully delivering results at Great American Tukwila, he was selected to launch a brand new operation for GACC in Des Moines WA. James recently joined Evergreen Gaming Corp since 2018, serving as Managing Director between Goldie’s and Riverside Casinos.

• Online marketplaces in 28 countries
• Washington state brick-and-mortar game in an underserved market
• Cryptocurrency acceptance with asset-based tokens
• Expert leadership with a proven track record of growth and profit

• Acquired ownership of World Door Technologies (WDT) with the exclusive Double Dead Man Guts game for online play.
• Loyalty program with integrated cryptocurrency, ACH, debit/credit systems
• Letter of intent to acquire the Roxbury casino
• Recruitment commitments for industry-leading executives, executives and employees


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