Is mining cryptocurrency still viable?


As the name suggests, the cryptocurrency mining process refers to the generation of digital currency chosen as the exchange for the validation of their transactions. They provide essential security for the network, paying minors in turn. They can maximize their profits if they feel that what they can extract exceeds the expense associated with the task. With the establishment of various mining centers and their significant computing power, changes and updates in technology, and the evolution of prices, many individual miners have started to question whether or not it is profitable to pursue the mining industry. ‘mining.

Components of cryptocurrency mining

In the past, mining was mainly carried out by personal computers. However, the introduction of ASICs or application specific integrated circuits has offered more capabilities to make them obsolete. While the process is still theoretically possible with the use of much older hardware, there is no doubt that this may no longer be the profitable business it once was. After all, miners don’t have the computer advantage that will allow them to fix the problem first and get the rewards they want. Unless they can secure the expensive machinery and resources to operate the equipment, they have little or no chance of successful mining.

Mining difficulties

While many companies support cryptocurrencies like those listed on the radar of online casinos, mining is another story. The challenges typically associated with mining cryptocurrency tend to vary. Usually, it changes every half month or so to ensure the stability of the verified block production for the planned blockchain. As a result, it puts the cryptocurrency back into circulation. The higher the difficulty rate, the less able individual miners will be able to solve hash issues and generate whatever virtual currency they want. The difficulty has increased in recent years and indicates how harder it will be to mine the cryptocurrency than when it was introduced.

Profitability in today’s environment

Cryptocurrency mining can still be profitable and make sense to specific people. Equipment may be much easier to obtain now than it used to be, but competitive ASICs can be expensive. Therefore, the machines used must be adapted so that you can remain competitive. For example, they need to be tuned to reduce their power consumption so that overall costs remain at a manageable level. For this reason, any potential miner should perform an analysis to get a clear understanding of their breakeven prices before making a financial commitment to the chosen equipment. The variables to consider are the following:

  • Cost of electricity. Check what your energy consumption rate is. Remember that prices may change depending on certain factors such as the season.
  • Efficiency. Establish the amount of energy that the system consumes.
  • Time – Ask yourself how long you plan to mine daily.


Cryptocurrency mining may seem like a lucrative prospect, but there is a significant commitment of resources involved in the business. Unless you have enough to spend on the business, it will be difficult to profit from it. However, it may still be worth addressing for those who do, especially considering how important digital currency has become.


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