Insider Control Empresarial De Capital PBF Logistics LP (NYSE:PBFX) Sells 50,000 Shares


PBF Logistics LP (NYSE: PBFX) stock was sold by Control Empresarial De Capital on September 28, 2013, yielding a total of $50,000. The price per share, an average of $18.75, resulted in a total of $937,500.00 in shares. Following the completion of the transaction, the insider of the company now directly owns 7,232,592 shares of the company, worth $135,611,100. These shares were acquired following the successful completion of the transaction. In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission has received legal documents regarding the transaction. You will be able to see the whole thing if you follow the link in the previous sentence and click on it.
Recent trades that Control Empresarial De Capital has completed are as follows: The usual volume of trading activity on PBFX is 263,238 shares, so the volume of 332,676 shares that occurred today is a significant increase from relation to that. Because of this, there has been a $0.15 increase in price, currently at $18.89. The debt ratio is 1.92, the current ratio is 3.76 and the quick ratio is 3.76. The price to earnings ratio of the stock is 7.73 and the beta value of the stock is 1.35. The market value of the company’s shares is $1.19 billion. The company’s stock price has risen by an average of $18.16 over the past 50 days and $16.22 over the past 200 days. Therefore, PBF Logistics LP could have a price that changes every year and is between $10.65 and $19.65.

On July 28, PBF Logistics (NYSE: PBFX) reported its most recent quarterly earnings, which brought the most recent quarter total for the company to $0. The pipeline company reported earnings per share for the quarter of $0.62, $0.09 higher than industry experts of $0.53 expected. Compared to the company’s projected $85.14 million in revenue in the quarter, it instead brought in $93.37 million. PBF Logistics achieved a return on equity of 59.58% and a net margin of 42.79% in its business. As indicated by the results of several different researches, PBF Logistics LP should be able to generate earnings per share of $2.42 by the end of this year, as indicated by the results of several different researches.

Additionally, the organization just announced and paid a quarterly dividend, which was done on August 25th. On Thursday, August 11, dividends of $0.30 per share were paid to registered shareholders. These dividends have been paid. This equates to an annual dividend payment of $1.20 and a return on investment of 6.35%. The dividend payment was made on August 10, which was a Wednesday that month. Therefore, the dividend payout percentage for PBF Logistics is 48.98%.

Recently, institutional investors and hedge funds have adjusted the percentage of company shares they hold in their portfolios to better align with their investment strategies. Accordingly, the percentage of PBF Logistics held by Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. increased by 23.5% in the first three months. Following the acquisition of 493,556 additional shares during the last fiscal quarter, Mirae Asset Global Investments Co. Ltd. now owns a total of 2,591,914 shares issued by the pipeline company, worth $36,339,000. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Arrow Investment Advisors LLC purchased an additional 12.1% shares of PBF Logistics, bringing the total percentage of that company’s shares it owned to 100%. After making an additional purchase of 2,313 shares in the last fiscal quarter, Arrow Investment Advisors LLC now has a total of 21,382 shares held by the pipeline company. The total value of these shares is $242,000 (compared to $20,880 previously). In the first three months of 2018, Pacer Advisors Inc. increased the amount invested in PBF Logistics by 65.8%. After acquiring an additional 1,888 shares in a pipeline company over the past three months, Pacer Advisors Inc. now owns a total of 4,757 shares in the company. Currently, the stock price is set at $67,000. In the last three months of 2018, GSA Capital Partners LLP purchased approximately $332,000 worth of PBF Logistics shares.
Finally, during the first quarter, Vident Investment Advisory LLC increased the percentage of interest it already held in PBF Logistics by 7.6%. This is certainly not the least important development. After making 1,472 additional stock purchases during the period in question, Vident Investment Advisory LLC now owns 20,927 shares of the pipeline company, currently valued at $293,000. Additionally, institutional investors and hedge funds control the company’s shares at 33.56%.

PBF Logistics LP owns and operates terminals, pipelines, storage facilities and other logistics assets in the United States that transport crude oil and refined petroleum products. The Company also leases, purchases, develops and operates these assets. Two of its main areas of concentration are the transportation industry and the termination and storage industries, respectively. The DCR West Rack, which is located at the Delaware City Refinery and serves as a heavy crude oil rail offloading facility; the Toledo Truck Terminal, which serves as a raw truck unloading terminal; the DCR rail terminal, which includes a double-loop track with auxiliary pumping and unloading equipment; and the Toledo Storage Facility, which includes a propane storage and loading facility, are among the company’s assets. The company also owns the Toledo storage facility, which includes a raw truck not


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