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As we move further into the 21st century, technology continues to have a gigantic impact on the way humanity goes about its business.

This is true when it comes to how people manage their spending these days; whether they plan to do their weekly shopping, entertain themselves or add clothes to their wardrobe.

These are all tasks that have changed significantly over the past decade and continue to evolve over time.

This is because some industries welcomed every technological breakthrough and tried to use it as best they could in their field.

This allows their users to consistently find easier and more satisfying ways to conduct their business, which generally leads to a happier and more satisfied customer, which means they are much more likely to be a loyal patron.

So let’s see which industries are fully embracing the technology and continuing to spearhead the technological revolution.


As anyone who has walked into a busy supermarket knows, shopping for essential groceries can be a stressful experience from start to finish.

Whether it’s that the essential ingredient for a hearty dish is out of stock or that every checkout line is seemingly a mile long, it’s a process that has the potential for extreme disruption. .

That’s why the grocery industry has invested in huge technological changes to try to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for its customers.

This has included many supermarkets which have rolled out the means for individuals to order their purchases online from the company’s website and then have it delivered directly to their doorstep.

Although this frees up time for many people, it has been known to add to the carbon footprint of supermarkets, due to all the delivery vans required.

Fortunately, however, technology should have the answer to this, with Tesco aiming to have its entire delivery fleet powered by electricity by 2028, as we’ve reported here.


The fashion industry is a big moneymaker globally, it reportedly brought in $1.9 trillion worldwide in 2019 alone, and with so much money swirling around, it can afford to implement truly impressive technology.

For example, there are now startups working on creating lab-grown leather, with one of the most notable being biotech company Modern Meadow. Once achieved, this will allow the industry to manufacture leather goods without the need to use animal products, which is becoming more and more controversial over time.

Another way technology is being successfully implemented in the fashion industry is through the use of augmented reality, which is brilliantly defined at Investopedia.

This is used to allow customers to virtually try on outfits while shopping online, allowing them to better see if an item of clothing is right for them.

The game world

It shouldn’t be too surprising to find that an industry entirely based on technology is one of its main advocates, but it’s always fascinating to learn how the gaming world has used technology.

One of the most seismic applications has been the ability for gamers to download all of their games directly to their console or PC, meaning they don’t have to own a physical copy that clutters up their living space.

It also allows players to be able to instantly install the latest updates a title might receive from its developers after release, such as necessary bug fixes and other additional DLC, like playable bonus levels.

Another area of ​​gambling that has seen massive technological advancements is the gambling industry.

With the rise of online capabilities, players don’t have to look far to find their nearest land-based casino, as they can simply log on to websites that offer all of their favorite gambling games.

A good example of this is Vegas Slots Online, which has all the best online casinos for virtual slots in the UK, all in one comprehensive list. Visitors can easily access over 10,000 slot machines to play for free, or even more that can be played for the chance to win big.

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