How many decks of cards are used in Blackjack?


When playing blackjack at home, whether you call it pontoon, 21 or whatever, there’s a good chance you’re using a deck of cards. After all, most of us only have one 52-card deck in our house.

When playing in a casino, you might wonder how many decks are used in blackjack. Just like at home, you can find a table using a deck of cards, but it is much more common for between six and eight cards to be in play in a live casino. The same goes for online platforms like TwinSpires Casino.

For most of us, that makes very little difference. We still get two cards, see which is the dealer’s face up card and can then play our hand in the usual way. There is nothing strategically you should do differently except maybe try to keep an eye on how many tens and picture cards have been in play.

Why casinos are changing the number of decks used in blackjack

There are two good reasons why casinos tend to prefer to use six to eight decks of cards at a blackjack table.

First, with a single game game, the dealer has to shuffle the game after each spin, and this takes time. And as you will understand, this is the time when the casino does not win money. A casino that doesn’t make any money is not a good proposition (for the casino owner, of course). However, if six to eight games are in play, you can play many hands of blackjack before the dealer has to shuffle the games again.

The second reason why the number of decks used in blackjack is important is that the house edge is slightly better for higher deck games. One idea behind this is that it is much more difficult for the players at the table to keep track of which cards have been seen. It’s card counting for you and me – not illegal, but frowned upon by casinos.

When playing with multiple decks, you will notice that the dealer cuts the cards with a blank color card before placing them all in the shoe. Therefore, not all cards will be used in the game because once the dealer gets down to the cut card, the games are reshuffled. So not only do you have to keep track of more cards between shuffles, but you don’t actually know how many tens or picture cards are in play.

How many blackjack decks online?

At traditional online blackjack tables, which use random number generators to shuffle the animated cards, you might think that the number of games in play doesn’t matter. You would be right to say that there is no need for time for the virtual dealer to shuffle after each playing hand. And you usually play these tables solo, so you can’t see other cards at the same time. table.

But online casinos like to be genuine and also offer tables of six to eight games, although these are automatically shuffled with each hand.

What about live dealer tables online?

The number of decks in blackjack games at live dealer tables online is an interesting point. It’s almost always six to eight. Just like in real casinos, the house doesn’t want their studio dealers tied up to shuffling a game after every hand.

Very rarely, you might come across a single deck game in a live studio. In this case, there will be an automatic card shuffler on the table. When one deck is in play, another will be shuffled and they will be swapped out as the game progresses. This only adds minimal delays.

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