How do Australian progressive jackpots work?


Have you ever wondered why hordes of Australian players are big on Australian progressive jackpots? Well, here’s an open secret. Payouts for Australian progressive jackpots can run into millions of life-changing dollars! Apart from the chance to literally hit the jackpot, Australians also love online slots because they are easy, fun and user-friendly. If you’re playing one of Australia’s best online progressive jackpot games, then the world just might be your oyster, especially if you get the most out of NDB Australia Casino.

But enough about why Aussies love progressive jackpots. How do Australian progressive jackpots work? What types of progressive jackpots are available to Australians? And what else is there to know about Australian progressive jackpots? How can players get best cashback casino bonuses? Read on to discover the answers to the questions posed above.

How Australian Progressive Jackpots Work

Australian players have plenty of casino games and sites where they can play the progressive jackpot, but before we get into the details, here’s how the Australian progressive jackpots work. The idea behind progressive jackpots is quite simple. Games start at a minimum bet set by the house (casino or software operator). For some jackpots, the seed can reach $1 million! Now, for each game the player plays without winning, the amount to be won (jackpot) increases. To try your luck, you can choose different casino platforms Everytime.

Winnings are added to the next game until a player wins the jackpot or not. The payout increase is based on a fixed percentage determined by the house rules. Australian progressive jackpots are only offered to players who bet the maximum number of credits per game. Their bets increase the jackpot to its size, and the more bets, the bigger the jackpot. Depending on where you choose to play the progressive jackpot, you can find online casinos with progressive jackpots with a range of slots, slot machines or other games that are linked to create a huge progressive jackpot .

In such cases, the bets keep getting bigger. On your lucky day, you might run away with a jackpot that will reverse your fortune. Once the jackpot is won, it reverts to its default minimum level. So how is the jackpot won? It is won when the player lands a combination with the highest payout for slots or five of the most popular symbols on slots.

Types of Australian Progressive Jackpots

Here are some of the most popular progressive jackpots available to UK players:

1. Standalone Progressive Slots

These types of jackpots come in the form of a game. It is limited to one machine and is not tied to any other location. Therefore, the name is self-contained. They are not popular among Australian players as they only pay out small progressive jackpots with higher frequencies.

2. Local (internal) progressive slots

With this kind of Australian progressive jackpot, the games are connected and run by the same gaming company across multiple sites or land-based casinos. In traditional casinos, machines can either be in different areas of the casino or be set up as a bank of machines. On a gaming site, internal progressive jackpots are often connected across multiple games. Local jackpots pay out big wins and are somewhat popular among Australian gamblers.

3. Network Progressive Slots (Extended Area)

As the name suggests, these are progressive jackpots linked to several gaming companies and online casinos. In some cases, you may find that the same network jackpot has been found on multiple slots. Expanded progressive jackpots are popular among Australian players because that’s where the big money is. They may have low odds, but the opportunity to win millions of dollars is still up for grabs for players familiar with progressive jackpots.

The World Health Organization encourages us to stay at home, so it is very convenient to play your favorite games from home. Here are some online casinos where you can play Australian progressive jackpots:

  • BitStarz Casino
  • PlayAmo Casino
  • True Blue Casino
  • WooCasino
  • Raging Bull Casino
  • Chan Casino
  • Monte Cryptos Casino

How to Win Australian Progressive Jackpots

Every professional gambler knows that record winnings come down to strategy and a bit of luck. Here is the part of the article where we share tips to increase your chances of winning the progressive jackpots you play.

1.Pay attention to the RTP

Remember the percentage of RTP (return to player) offered in the game. The RTP is often low with progressive jackpot slots because some of the bets go into the jackpots. The wisest thing to do here is to stick to the “house” jackpots. Of all the progressive jackpots available to Australian players, internal jackpots have the best odds. The winnings may not be life changing, but the chances of hitting the jackpot are much higher with them.

2. Work with a budget

There is no guarantee that you will win the jackpot. There is also the temptation to keep playing until you win, especially when the prize is huge. And that’s where a budget comes in. On days when nothing seems to be working, it would be best to quit once you hit your limit. However, you can try your hand at one of the Australian no deposit casinos if you feel like enjoying more games after hitting your limit. But at all costs, do not exceed your budget.

3. Go all the way

You have a high chance of winning when you play with the maximum bets available. Luckily, there are both high and low stake games, so you can get it where you belong. The idea is to go all out when betting, as it increases your chances of winning.

The Other Side of Australian Progressive Jackpots

Australian players are often expected to play the smallest bet. However, sometimes this bet can be the highest bet available, and these bets often add up quickly. Additionally, side bets are mandatory for some progressive jackpots. You do not qualify for their progressive jackpots in such a case unless you play the side bets. There are a few other things you should know about Australian progressive jackpots.

On the one hand, some “houses” (offline and online casinos) limit the amount you can withdraw. This means that you expose yourself to paying more bank charges when withdrawing your winnings over a period. Then there is the problem with the nasty odds players have to put up with when playing Australian progressive jackpots. But what is it to play without thwarting the odds?


Australian progressive jackpots are quite popular as they make it easy for Australian players to change their fortunes. The good news is that some online casinos offer great odds. Hopefully this article provides information that can help you explore the potential of Australian progressive jackpots. Thanks for reading!


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