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We all want our time spent to be as good as possible, pristine if need be, putting our feet up and enjoying the buzz and thrill of our free time. Many of us like to gamble through game consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, while others look for ways around Gamstop to get the best deals on online casino platforms. We all have our tastes when it comes to gaming or gaming, the main thing being hardware advancements to make our user experience (UX) memorable.

Indeed, hardware advancements will make or break your gaming experience, starting with the chair you use for your computer monitor setup. Your little gambling paradise starts at home, continues online and goes to your pockets by winning; before that, let us help you create the ultimate home gaming experience. Spending a few dollars on your gear will put a smile on your face and mark our words.

Structure your game your way

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs outlines some essential elements and elements that we need in our lives to make our existence happy. Eating, sleeping and comfort are the main contenders for happiness, so making our domestic spaces comfortable is one of our main life goals; after all, we need feng shui to relax. If you’re looking to innovate and take your game to new heights and levels, here are some technological advancements to consider:

Two monitors

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in life, it’s the necessity of having 2 monitors, especially in the gaming world. Having two monitors will help you open 2 screens at once and thus improve your player experience; you could spin the reels of a progressive jackpot game on one screen, and you could play sports on the other.

In terms of monitors, you can go for 24 inches per monitor, as 17 inches and 19 inches wouldn’t be the ideal candidates for your gaming needs. Remember, the bigger your monitor, the better the game display and graphics, as well as brighter displays for your tabletop games.

We don’t remember the days when we played on a single screen; Honestly, when playing at an online casino site, a dual setup monitor is the way to go.

Internet is your lifeline

Before going all-in to win at your favorite table and casino game, check if your internet connection is working properly. You can start with a speed test which is usually offered for free online or through your internet game. If you find that the speed of your Internet service is not satisfactory or if many devices are connected to it, an upgrade might be worth considering.

Many internet service providers and casino review sites suggest that an internet connection of over 20 Mbps would be the ideal connection for your internet service. We always say that we prefer prevention to cure; therefore, we would opt for a slightly better internet connection, so that no interruptions to your game are experienced.

Today’s internet service providers offer your plans reliable, fiber-powered internet connections with 1,000 Mbps and stellar internet. This is the way to go if you want to play in style!

Your gaming chair will accompany you for many hours.

You can’t just sit on a random stool or chair for hours on end and expect back pain at the end of your gaming session. Sitting on the wrong chair for hours on end can cause serious damage to your back and your health in general. If you enjoy spending time online, especially gambling, why not invest in a great gaming chair to enhance your gaming sessions?

If you visit your local computer and game stores, you will find plenty of gaming chairs available for purchase. They are super comfortable and you should expect to pay around $100-$250 to own a decent one. Here are some great choices to go through to improve your gaming posture.

Updating your sound and graphics cards

If you can’t upgrade your desktop to a powerful beast for online optimization, you can always invest in a good sound and graphics card. Imagine playing this new slot from Netent and hitting the lucrative bonus round; now imagine your sound and graphics at the best possible level. While upgrading your sound and graphics card, you might face a real threat. Of course, you can count on better graphics, a feature at the forefront of the game development community. This small upgrade will also allow you to enjoy a superior experience regarding sounds related to your game. The live dealer calling your name, the reels landing on a slot machine, or even the progressive slot machine announcing your win , are all immersive sounds that will help you remember your online gaming experience.

Choosing and upgrading the sound and graphics card for your PC is another investment that should not be overlooked.

VR – The technology we all need for the future

The gaming world continues to evolve and in recent years we have heard many rumors about AI and virtual reality. Both technological improvements are at the forefront of game development companies and gamers. Now that we have the VR experience through our Playstation, we want to experience VR while chasing those pocket aces while playing Texas Hold’Em, while spinning the reels of new and upcoming Live Casino slot games. We also want to tell other players to “Read ’em and weep” as we splash the royal flush on the live tabletop game. If VR is the future, we’d need a headset to go along with our gameplay, and looking at the upcoming PS5 VR2 headset, we’re in absolute awe.

We just can’t wait to head to the waitlist section and buy our next VR headset. Imagine how cool it would be to spin slots with your VR and watch all your winnings on screen. Hardware enhancements, both current and future, will continue to enrich your game, aligning it with your needs and hopefully earning rewards now and forever!


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