Five reasons why online betting is better than in person


Today 17% of the UK population gamble online, which translates to around £ 5.3 billion for the online market alone each year. While it’s still possible to go out to your main street to fill out a paper bet ticket, it’s certainly not as popular as opening an app on your phone and placing your chosen bets with a few taps of the taps. keys on your screen. But why is online betting better than the more traditional method of going to your local bookmaker? Let’s take a look now.

1]Bet from anywhere, anytime.


If you have a smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can place a bet from virtually anywhere, at any time of the day or night. The vast majority of sports betting and online casinos have a mobile-friendly application that has been tailor-made and incorporates a high level of quality graphics and exclusive offers. If it’s not an app, you will find that you can access your sportsbook or casino from your mobile device or tablet regardless of your location. Whether you’re on the train to work, watching your favorite team live on TV, or unable to go to bed late at night, the possibilities for online betting from your smartphone or tablet are endless.

Advances in smartphone technology and data transmission via 4G and 5G have made it possible for more people to access sites on the go and to access sites that are larger in size and offer greater convenience. better user experience. Recent notable advancements include the introduction of live streaming and live goal tracking through bookmaker websites and also through third party service providers who offer specific sites for goal tracking. The sequel to these betting sites remains to be seen, but many predict it will involve VR / AR technology allowing more immersive experiences from the comfort of your own couch.

2]Easily find the best signup offers and promotions.

If you were to go to your street bookmaker, the only way to find out about their current offers would be to look at the storefront or ask the bookmaker directly. However, welcome bonuses and online gambling promotions are widely marketed online, and you can even check out comparison sites to see the current best options available to you. Moreover, you can usually click on the appropriate website directly from the comparison site, making it easy for you to find the best value for money and increase your chances of making a profit.

3]Bets at stake.


It would be fair to say that live betting has totally revolutionized sports betting. Many online sportsbooks broadcast matches live through their apps and on their websites, giving you the perfect opportunity to stream sports live wherever you are. You can then choose from a range of in-game markets that provide you with exceptional value and variety when it comes to placing a bet. To take soccer for example, you can place in-play bets on things like the number of corners, offside, and even cards. The whole in-game betting experience makes the game much more immersive and gives bettors more chances to create value on their bet coupons.

In-game betting gave birth to the era of cash-out betting, this latest trend allows punters to cash their bets earlier if they wish. This means that if a bettor had, for example, a group of different bets placed and some of them had played in his favor, he could choose to take a bookmaker’s offer to cash out more than his amount. original bet as an alternative. to risk that the other parts of their bets will fail. Of course, it is also in the best interest of the betting site if it thinks the rest of your bets are likely to be successful and you should therefore think logically when offered the cashout feature.

4]Wide variety of slot machines and games.

It is not only sports fans who benefit from the incredible variety and multitude of options that online betting presents. In fact, some would argue that online casinos offer an equal abundance of opportunities for avid gamers. The many UK online casino sites such as offer traditional table games like roulette, poker and blackjack, as well as an incredible variety of high value and interactive slot games that are often thematic to appeal to a wider audience of players. While you can enjoy such variety at some land-based casinos, the choice at your fingertips is second to none, and another reason online betting is better than in person.

5]Countless secure and hassle-free payment options.


In many casinos and bookmakers, you need to place your bets in cash or with a debit card. This is not surprising, given that most retail businesses tend to accept these forms of payment as standard. In comparison, when you play online, you have endless secure and hassle-free payment options. While it is possible to deposit funds into your account directly from your bank account, you can also use secure e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller to give you added security and protection against potential online threats. In recent times, online casinos have even started to accept cryptocurrencies, providing even more choices for online players.

The advantages of cryptography would be speed, security, and cost over traditional methods. Debit / credit card fees are around 2-5% while crypto fees can range from 0-1% depending on which platform the bookmaker chooses to use. One thing to remember is that crypto transactions are irreversible and therefore should only be used with betting sites that you trust.

The verdict.

It is almost impossible to justify betting in person when you compare it to online betting. Online betting is more convenient, offers better value for money, offers a wide variety of games and markets, and offers countless secure and hassle-free payment options, making it the big winner when comparing both methods of betting. And with so many online betting companies currently serving the global market, you really are spoiled for choice when deciding where to register and spend your hard earned money.


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