Datsun could return once again as an EV brand for emerging markets: report


Less than 10 years after Datsun was resurrected as an affordable brand for emerging markets, Nissan has gone out of business and closed the last assembly plant for its cars. In 2013, Datsun was relaunched in markets such as Russia, Indonesia, India, South Africa, Nepal and others, but it no longer assembles cars for any of these countries. Turns out that doesn’t necessarily mean Datsun is dead, as a new report sheds light on what the future may hold for the budget brand.

Automotive News quotes an anonymous source close to Nissan who said Datsun is dead in all but name, but the company is currently debating what to do with the famous name. Nothing can be confirmed at this stage – Nissan is likely still in the early stages of discussions – but one option seems to be to keep Datsun on hand for use as a budget electric brand in the near future.

“For many thousands of owners around the world, Datsun continues to deliver an engaging driving experience, peace of mind at the right price and great value,” reads a statement from Nissan, hinting that it could there be a future for Datsun after all. “As part of Nissan’s overall transformation strategy, Nissan is focusing on the core models and segments that bring the most benefits to customers, dealer partners and the business.”

It’s probably important to note that Datsun still sells cars in some areas but no longer produces cars. This means that dealers will only have the already assembled units to offer customers with sales likely to end relatively soon. In a recent statement, Nissan promised to continue providing maintenance, after-sales and warranty services through its dealer network.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance already has one of the cheapest electric vehicles in the world in its portfolio. The Dacia Spring was launched in France last year with a starting price of €16,990, or €12,403 with the local government eco-bonus taken into account. market in 2024.


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