Casino games with high odds of winning


Every bettor dreams of hitting the jackpot, and the best way to do that is by playing casino games with the best odds. Casinos are businesses that exist to make a profit.

They win money with those who lose through a specified system of odds and probabilities. To increase your income stream in casino betting, you need to increase your odds of winning by watching Online casino games with a higher probability of winning.

We have put together a list of casino games with high winning odds considering their winning percentage and house edge. Before we dwell on casino games with high payouts and house perks, let’s understand both terms.

What is a payout percentage and a house benefit?

Typically, this is how casinos make their money. A house edge is the percentage of your bet that goes to the online casino account. A casino with a payout percentage of 96% means the casino is pocketing 4% of your initial bet. The house advantage is generally between 2 and 3%. On the other hand, the payout percentage refers to the same principle although common in slot machine games.

Casino games with high odds of winning


Blackjack has a house edge of 0.13%. It is the most popular casino game in land and web casinos. Blackjack is the best table game to play with high odds. The game comes in hundreds of versions; however, Classic Blackjack is the best and most popular at 0.13%. Blackjack has a great chance of winning because you are not playing against professional players but competing against the dealer.


The house edge in craps is around 1.2%, although most casinos offer a whopping 0.6% making it the second most favorable casino game with great odds of winning. The game looks complicated but is relatively easy to master. The possibilities of winning are endless and there are several reasons to consider the game.

The game of Craps has a “pass line” strategy, which allows players to make the slightest return. This is a big boost for both players with and without experience. Gambling experts learn better tricks, helping them to earn higher payouts.


Next on our list is roulette, with a house edge of 2.7%. Roulette may confuse you with different odds, but leads to a similar house edge of 2.7%. Roulette does not require any special strategy when it comes to taking advantage of unique strategies for the best odds. It is an exciting game for bettors with no previous gaming experience. Live dealer and land-based versions apply the same principle, but a live dealer experience is much more enjoyable.

In roulette, players bet on their favorite numbers and spin the wheel. You win once your number appears. The house edges of single zero and double zeros roulette are 5.26%. Most online casinos offer the two common variations of roulette, the American and European versions.

99% of payment slots

Slot machines are advantageous due to their easy playing mode, so ideal for beginners. If luck is on your side, you can win millions with just one spin of the reels. No spinning experience or skills are required. It is purely a game of chance. There are different variations of slot machines, but most have a payout of 99%. Video slots offer additional free spins which increase the odds of the bettor winning. The evaluation of the slot machines depends on the high winning odds of the slot machines.

Progressive casino games

Progressive casino games work on the principle that wins increase if they are not won. A payout percentage increases with the casino game in question. The progressive jackpot feature is common in various online casino games; online slot machines and roulette games. Bettors who bet on progressive slots have a high chance of getting the highest payouts.

Some progressive jackpots with big jackpots include:

  • Mega Moolah – this is one of the most successful jackpots despite having an RTP of 88.12%. The game has turned many gamers into millionaires.
  • Mega Fortune – a progressive jackpot with a high payout of 96.4%

99.92% of video poker games

Video poker comes in different variations, but all of them offer equally high payouts. The game is the most popular because it is fun to play, fast and has a great chance of hitting a huge jackpot. A video poker return to the player, RTP exceeds 99%. However, for a probability of winning, these games require a well thought out strategy designed to improve the dealer at his game. Video poker has the highest payout of any casino game.

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