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The size of the gaming industry in Canada has remained fairly stable over the past few years, from 2016 to 2019 the industry value grew to US $ 14.72 billion and since then has not seen any significant change. . However, something that is changing is the way Canadian residents play and the types of games they play online.

Traditionally, those who wanted to play casino games went to one of the licensed casinos in the country, but nowadays more and more people are choosing to play. online casino games rather. There are a number of reasons for this, including changes the government has made to legislation and lifestyles and the ways people seek entertainment,

Let’s take a more in-depth look at casino gaming in Canada and the transition from offline to online gaming:

Gambling has been a part of Canadian culture for centuries, but a government ban in 1892 backfired and led to the opening of underground gambling and mob activity. Changes in the laws happened slowly over time with the legalization of charity bingo in 1900, horse racing in 1910, and then gambling at events in 1925.

In 1970, the introduction of gambling licenses paved the way for the modern casino industry. While some small unlicensed land-based casinos have made appearances throughout history, the first legal commercial casino opened in Winnipeg in 1989 and a second opened four years later in Montreal.

By the early 2000s, at least 59 land-based casinos had been established and the country had nearly 32,000 slot machines. By this time, online casinos had also started to emerge, although they were still in their infancy.

When the World Wide Web first became available in the early 1990s, we entered a new digital age and a wide variety of new entertainment options were launched, one of which was online casinos. . The first online casinos were basic but functional with only a few different playing options and a limited choice of websites.

The creation of the Internet in the 90s contributed to the development of the video game industry.

Some of the earliest online casino games included poker and online slots. When the first operator was launched in 1994, Internet connections were not common in most homes. This also applied to the technological equipment required to play these games, while almost every household now has a number of different computers and smartphones, in the beginning having a family desktop was common.

This changed over the following years, and as it did, the online casino market began to grow at a rapid rate. Computers became easier and cheaper to buy, Internet connections more stable, and the first smartphones eventually hit the Canadian market.

Additionally, when online casinos were first launched, there were no regulations applying to internet gambling businesses, as current laws only considered land-based sites. Currently, Canadian residents can access all offshore online casinos that are licensed.

However, current laws make it difficult for online casinos to be based in Canada and therefore there is not yet a wide choice of online casinos operating within the country. It is hoped that legislative changes in the near future will help to resolve this problem.

There are a number of reasons that many people prefer to play casino games over visiting a land location in person. One of these reasons is the convenience offered by online gambling.

Players can access online casinos from their smartphones, laptops and tablets anytime or anywhere, whether at home on the couch or on their morning commutes on public transport.

Online casinos are popular because many players can access the games anytime, anywhere on portable devices such as a smartphone.

In contrast, to visit a physical casino, customers must make arrangements to visit the site, decide what to wear, and arrange childcare if necessary. As a result, many gamble online more frequently and avoid going out to a casino for a special occasion with friends.

Another reason casino players prefer internet gaming is the wide variety of games on offer, especially for Canadian players who can access offshore casinos from any country. There are thousands of slots, roulette, and table games like poker and blackjack available with just a few clicks. While land-based sites are limited by floor space and building size and the number of overhead costs they have to cover are usually much higher.

Many online casinos now offer more interactive games such as live poker or blackjack. In these games, a dealer hosts the game live from a physical location and everything happens in real time. The great thing about playing live games is that you get the real casino experience and thrill that you would enjoy in a physical location, but without having to go to a location.

Casino gambling has come a long way in the past few decades, from a very limited choice of gaming locations to establishing a thriving online presence, the industry has transformed. As technological developments are made and Canada considers further regulatory changes, we can expect the online market to continue to grow and develop.


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