Betting is gaining popularity in Africa


Africa has become a tempting market for iGaming operators. Thanks to its sustained economic growth, which has sparked a revolution in the expansion of several smart phone brands across African countries, the continent is now a thriving ground for the online gambling industry. to thrive.

In this article, we will conduct an in-depth exploration of the legislation and trends that have taken hold in different African countries over the past couple of years.

Read on to find out the statistical growth of the gambling industry in different African countries, emphasizing the importance of live casino games as a vital resource for the future development of the betting industry.

An overview of online gambling in Africa

The gradual growth of economic prosperity in many African countries has become unmistakably visible over the past quarter century.

And since African countries have not been as negatively affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as Europe and America, they continue to show progress and have already announced many successful measures that should be adopted within months. of 2022.

The rise of the online gambling industry is closely linked to this wave of constant evolution, which has resulted in a drop in the overall price of Internet connectivity in several African countries. Thus, nowadays, African citizens represent more than 11.5% of all Internet users in the world.

And as more and more Africans enjoy easy access to a stable Internet connection, the number of 3G and 4G networks available on the continent has doubled over the past five years.

So, in a world of endless possibilities for future prosperity and continued technological growth, we must note that it was only a matter of time before Africa became a tempting prospect for iGaming companies looking to develop.

South Africa

Currently, South Africa is by far the most developed online betting market on the continent, with several financial experts expecting its gross revenue to exceed $2.3 billion by the end of 2022.

The reasoning behind the industry’s continued crude can be easily attributed to its high GPD, which allows for stronger purchasing power in the country compared to its neighboring countries.

Regulating the online branch of this industry has benefited both the government, which welcomes increased tax revenue, and the people, who welcome the addition of exciting new leisure activities.


The online gambling industry has been regulated in Kenya since the passage of the Gaming Bill in 2019. However, many iGaming companies decided to abandon this market once the government threatened to introduce an additional 20% tax on casino wagers, as the prospect of investing in an unstable market was by no means attractive.

Therefore, the evolution of the online gambling market is stalled indefinitely at the moment, with only a few companies willing to try their luck in the Kenyan market.

What is currently the most profitable gambling market in Kenya?

Currently, the gambling market in Kenya continues to be dominated by sports betting, with an estimated number of over 7 million citizens actively betting on online gambling services.

The future of the online casino industry is still unclear, but it will certainly be conditioned by future court rulings which may either tempt or discourage investors from trying their luck in the Kenyan market.


According to 2022 statistical data, Nigeria has the largest population and gross domestic product in all of Africa. Therefore, it is no surprise that the country is currently the most profitable gaming market in sub-Saharan Africa, which translates to an average of 7% of the continent’s total.

Until 2004, all gambling activities were strictly prohibited in Nigerian territory. Even now, online gambling is not federally regulated.

There is an ongoing legal dispute between the Nigerian Lotteries Regulatory Commission and the Lagos State Lotteries Board as the two organizations attempt to impose regulations and collect license fees.

As in the rest of African countries, the sports betting sector represents the vast majority of the GGR. And, according to annual statistics, more than 30% of the entire population places bets on sports every day. It is therefore no surprise that Nigerians spend more than $2 billion every year on sports betting.

Other African countries

Online gambling has also become a sector of interest for several foreign investors in other African countries.


In Tanzania, online gambling has grown rapidly over the past two years, thanks to the continued expansion of mobile infrastructure.

Seeing a prospect of economic growth, the Tanzanian government moved quickly to regulate the online gambling industry through the Internet Gambling Regulation Act enacted in 2012.


In Uganda, the Online Gambling Regulatory Act was enacted when the Lotteries and Gaming Act was published in 2016. And although there are no actual stipulations referring to gambling money online, the legalization of sports betting has been officially authorized by the Uganda National Gaming Council.

As many other African countries are benefiting from an ongoing technological revolution with new marketing opportunities popping up every day, we can only expect the online gambling industry to continue to grow on the continent. in the years to come.

Live Casino Betting in Africa: The Most Profitable Table Games

As part of our analysis of the online gambling industry in Africa, we find it necessary to elaborate on the great role that live casino games have played in the expansion of the industry across the continent.

While the convenience and accessibility of online casinos was seen as highly appealing by most African citizens, the lost opportunity to enjoy an authentic live dealer experience quickly became visible in the complaints of some others. players.

By introducing live dealer gaming titles as part of their game selection, online casinos have successfully done away with the loss of a live setting, as players can now be transported to an evocative Nevada night. when they access the games.

black jack

Probably the most popular casino game around the world, Live Blackjack is the favorite table game of many gambling enthusiasts looking for a thrilling gaming experience. The main objective of the game is to create a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand.

Blackjack uses the international 52-card game with no jokers, with several variations of the original game present in several active online casinos in Africa.

The most attractive aspect of this live game comes from its fast-paced nature. So, when accessing the live version of this game at online casinos, African players have the opportunity to recreate an authentic dealer gaming experience from the comfort of their homes.


Stemming from the classic card game of the same name, Live Baccarat has been a hit in African online casinos since its launch.

At its core, baccarat is a guessing game, where players place bets on which hand of the two dealt will win. The winner is determined based on the highest number among the two cards. Over time, strategists around the world have developed many tactics intended to maximize bettors’ chances of winning.

The main reason for the exceptional popularity of this game lies in the small value of the house edge, which is in fact the lowest of all card games available in online casinos.


Currently, Africa is seen as one of the most promising lucrative markets in the world where iGaming companies could expand.

The governments of several African countries have already adopted regulatory acts that offer new hope for future developments and ongoing reforms on the continent.

With the introduction of live casino titles, gambling enthusiasts from Africa can now take full advantage of the incredible prospect of unlimited accessibility offered by online casinos, as they are now able to enjoy an authentic Vegas-like gaming experience from the comfort of their homes.


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