BetMGM bonus code REALGM offers $1,000 risk-free bet for the Stanley Cup


The Stanley Cup Finals are underway between Colorado and Tampa Bay, and right now, new customers who have gone for the NHL action can get their first bet risk-free, up to $1,000, with BetMGM bonus code REALGM.

Late spring is one of the hottest times of the year for sports bettors, with so much big-name action. BetMGM has always had a strong place among the top sports betting apps because of its commitment to customer service – and because of great introductory offers like the BetMGM Bonus Code REALGM.

With this offer, you basically have two chances to win once. If the first bet wins, great, you keep all cash profits. If the first bet loses, you will get free bet chips, up to $1,000 delivered in five equal allocations. With most other sports betting promo codes, you only get one free bet token, with one chance of landing a free bet. With BetMGM you get five free bets.

Qualify in minutes with the BetMGM bonus code

There are just a few simple steps to qualify for this great offer from the iconic BetMGM brand:

  • Fill in normal personal information through the BetMGM app or website.
  • Be 21 or older and physically present in the state in which BetMGM operates.
  • Add BetMGM bonus code REALGM.

Once approved, which should only take a few minutes, you’ll be ready to place your first real money bet with BetMGM from their extensive odds menu.

BetMGM bonus code REALGM offers

The BetMGM Bonus Code REALGM has been their flagship offering as it has been so popular and endorsed by the betting public.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you put down $1,000 on your first bet on, say, the Avalanche to win one of their Stanley Cup Finals games, at odds of +100. If the Avs were to win, at these odds, you would win $2,000 (your stake of $1,000, plus a cash profit of $1,000). You could then withdraw this directly to your bank account and not need the free bet promotion.

If Colorado lost, though? BetMGM would deliver five free bet chips, at $200 each, to bet as you wish within seven days.

The advantage of getting five free bet chips instead of one is that you can mix and match these free bets on different bets at different odds. Maybe you want to use some of the tokens on big underdogs – with potentially bigger payouts? Then you can use the rest on safer bets at better odds. It’s yours.

There are no odds restrictions on free bet chips, unlike some others sports betting apps. You only have to play the free bet chips once to cash out the profits. With some online sportsbooks, you have to keep playing to get serious profits.

Remember that only free bet profits are withdrawable. Any first losing bet of $49 or less will result in a free bet chip of that amount.

With the BetMGM Bonus Code REALGMthe chance to win big is always possible.

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