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Looking to join the crypto casino scene?

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies leads to an increase in the number of Bitcoin or Crypto casinos! A growing number of online gamblers are seeing the advantages of using crypto over traditional fiat currencies and are choosing to switch to crypto casinos.

Advantages of crypto over fiat currencies in gambling:

  • Instant crypto transactions – The decentralized nature of crypto means that transactions happen much faster. Deposits, transfers, and withdrawals are completed almost instantly, which is impossible for fiat currencies because casinos have to take a long period of time to process processing due to stricter rules and government regulations.
  • Safe, anonymous and secure – When using fiat currencies, users are inclined to provide a lot of personal information such as bank details, name, contact details and address. Naturally, many people will feel uncomfortable giving all this information, especially if they are new to the platform. With Bitcoin and Crypto, users have a much higher level of privacy. There is no KYC process, which means players won’t need to give out their personal identity information. They also won’t have to worry about anyone tracking their expenses, as they aren’t regulated by a governing body, making transactions untraceable.
  • Reduced transaction costs – There are no storage fees associated with crypto and transaction fees are generally much lower than fiat currencies. The low service fee means players will keep more of their winnings!

The problems users have with traditional fiat currencies have all but been eradicated with the introduction of cryptocurrencies. With an increasing number of crypto casinos, it is difficult to know which platform to choose. Do not be afraid ! The best has been identified!

Why Cloudbet is our Crypto Casino of choice!

Of all the qualities players look for in a crypto casino, Cloudbet has it all. They leverage all the benefits of cryptocurrencies and enhance user experience with their unique features and interface. What qualities make Cloudbet the best? Here is why players would love to use Cloudbet:

They are well established in the industry

The number of crypto casinos is increasing day by day as more companies try to develop their own platforms to take advantage of the growing trend. However, players should look for an established crypto casino that has an eGaming license and an excellent reputation.

Cloudbet is exactly all of the above! In the industry since 2013, Cloudbet has a solid user base that is growing every day. With so many positive reviews online and being well regarded in the industry, players know it’s safe and above all legal. It was hard to find another platform with Cloudbet’s standing in the community!

An exceptional selection of Bitcoin games

Whether it’s blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat or craps, the best crypto casino should have them all! Cloudbet has all the traditional casino games, but there’s just something about live dealer games that makes the gaming experience even more immersive.

It doesn’t stop there either. Cloudbet offers a range of sports betting features and even sports betting. They are a one stop shop for every gamer’s gaming needs! Nobody should be limited to a small collection of games because it will quickly become boring. Finding that platform that can satisfy all needs is crucial to being the best.

Accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies

Almost all crypto-casinos accept Bitcoin, but what about less popular cryptocurrencies and tokens? Cloudbet accepts a huge list of cryptocurrencies including BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, LTC, USDC, LINK, PAX and DOGE to name a few.

The best casino bonuses for users

Who doesn’t love a welcome bonus? New users can claim an impressive bonus offer of up to 5 BTC. The bonuses don’t stop there. The more active players are, the more rewards they receive. Free spins, reload bonuses, discount purchases and other generous promotions will keep everyone coming back for more.

Excellent user experience

Cloudbet’s menu is easy to navigate and the user interface is clean and fast to allow users to easily switch between games. The site is also mobile-friendly so players can take their game on the go. Whether on an Android or iOS device, the user will have the gaming world at their fingertips.

Try Cloudbet today to see why they are the best!

Readers may be wondering how the decision to crown Cloudbet as the best crypto casino in 2022 was made. The tests involved creating accounts with various crypto casinos and testing them from account opening to withdrawal.

We have created various categories for comparison including ease of opening accounts, transferring crypto, limitations or restrictions, bonuses we received, cleanliness of interface, number of games, game rewards , general pleasure and withdrawal procedure.

All told, Cloudbet topped all categories while some competitors were lacking in certain areas, including the number of betting games and limited cryptocurrency support. We highly recommend recreational and seasoned players to try Cloudbet for a truly exceptional crypto gambling experience!


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