Akron police release body camera footage of fatal police shooting of Jayland Walker


AKRON, Ohio – Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan and Akron Police hold a press conference today at the Firestone Park Community Center in Akron, not far from the parking lot where police fatally shot Jayland Walker Monday morning. 25 years.

The city released body camera footage showing police firing a barrage of bullets lasting seconds at Walker, who was unarmed after fleeing his vehicle. He died at the scene, after police provided first aid, Police Chief Steve Mylett said.

At 12:30 p.m. Monday, police said they attempted to arrest Walker for traffic and equipment violations. Officers said they saw and heard gunshots as Walker headed south on Route 8. After slowing his vehicle near the Firestone Park area, minutes from the University of Akron’s main campus , Walker took off on foot to a nearby parking lot, where he was fatally shot. by the police.

The city released body camera video of the officers, along with a timeline of the shooting and information about the eight officers involved. The city is streaming the press conference on its YouTube page.

“I talked about being beyond outrage and beyond shock,” Horrigan said. “The video you are about to watch is heartbreaking.”

The city released two videos, the first narrated with notes and still photos. In the video, police report a shot fired from Walker’s car, with officers being led in pursuit at speeds of up to 70mph on Highway 8. It shows the officer using tasers and a weapon handguns, ammunition and what appears to be a gold wedding ring found in the front seat of Walker’s Buick.

The second video showed police surrounding the still moving car and Walker, as he fled. Officers fired dozens of bullets, which lasted a few seconds.

The police department does not have police car dash cameras.

The NAACP has scheduled a rally for 2:30 p.m. A march will begin at the Quaker Station parking lot at 135 South Broadway Street and end at Akron City Hall, located at 166 South High Street.

Horrigan stood with community members at the press conference to call for peace at the rally.

Walker’s family attorney, Bobby DiCello, said officers fired 90 times, hitting Walker 60 times in the face, abdomen, buttocks, back, both arms and both legs.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office will investigate the shooting. The Akron Police Department Internal Affairs Department is also investigating.

“I urge all of our residents to reserve your full judgment until the investigation is complete,” Horrigan said. “You will have to do one of the hardest things I can ever ask anyone to do and that is to be patient.”

Mylett said an investigation will show how many times Walker was shot. The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office said Walker died of multiple gunshot wounds, but has not yet released a preliminary autopsy. An investigation shows more than 60 injuries, Mylett said. He said it is possible that 90 shots were fired.

When a shot was fired from Walker’s car, he said, “it went from a routine traffic stop to a public safety issue.”

A screenshot from ODOT traffic cameras shows a gun being fired from Jayland Walker’s car, Akron police say.

He said officers, who are on paid administrative leave, believed Walker was looking for a gun in his belt when he left the car.

Summit Black County elected leaders, including U.S. Rep. Shontel Brown, have called for justice. And protests are growing in the city, where Horrigan has canceled the annual weekend festival Rib, White and Blue.

At the conference, Akron Deputy Mayor Marco Sommerville praised the city’s charter amendment requiring body camera footage to be released within seven days, as well as the independent investigation.

“I know there’s anger out there,” Sommerville said. “I have sons. It could have been my son. It’s fine to protest, but we also ask them to do so peacefully.

Mylett offered his condolences to Walker’s family and thanked them for their calls for peace.

“If Jayland reflects the character of this family, which I have continually heard he does. You raised a good son.


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