AD: Gain Hosting Peace of Mind with TREVO Shield – NCD Hosting Loss Protection on Premium Plan


With many convenient features, TREVO is a great way for vehicle owners to earn money, providing a hassle-free way to share your car with someone else while ensuring the safety of the host and the guest. But even with all the safeguards in place, nothing can stop the unthinkable from happening down the road.

This is where TREVO Shield comes in. Backed by Allianz General Insurance Company, TREVO Shield includes the basic Peer-to-Peer insurance add-on made available by Allianz.

Because TREVO is a peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace that allows car owners to rent out their vehicles as hosts, TREVO Shield is on hand to protect hosts in the event of misfortune.

TREVO Shield provides coverage that includes exterior dents and damage to the vehicle driven by guests, such as vehicle bodywork, bumpers and paintwork, as well as towing and roadside assistance up to 200 RM in towing costs to workshops approved by Allianz.

In addition, TREVO Shield also provides a deductible for damage to your vehicle that you were responsible for while traveling in service with TREVO, until you are entitled to reimbursement.

TREVO Shield offers three coverage plans: Basic/Lite, Standard, and Premium. From the Basic/Lite plan, the TREVO take percentage is 25% – meaning you, the host, will earn 75% of the booking rate – while the deductible or maximum deductible is RM1,500 .

On the next tier, the Standard plan sees a TREVO take percentage of 35% (65% for the host), while the maximum overage or deductible is capped at RM400.

At the top of the list is the Premium plan, where the TREVO take is 40%, so 60% of the booking rate goes to the host. Here, while the Premium plan sees the largest proportion of the tariff going to TREVO, it is also the most comprehensive protection plan offered by the TREVO Shield menu.

There is no excess incurred, meaning TREVO pays 100% of eligible damage incurred with no minimum excess amount deducted from payment, and as a Premium plan subscriber you will also receive protection for your non-complaint discount, or NCD.

In addition to this, the Premium plan also offers the added benefit of protection against loss of hosting revenue up to RM960 per year, which is derived from a rate of up to RM120 per day during a maximum of eight days.

This all adds up to a valuable tool in the peer-to-peer vehicle hosting community, where as a host, TREVO Shield offers your vehicle, and your ability to earn income from it, a protection against the contingencies of life on the road. Discover learn more about TREVO Shield hereand hear TREVO hosts on its benefits.


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