A salt weapon to kill the Mottled Lanterns: NJ has these options


A weapon of salt. It is the weapon of war. A weapon to repel an invading army. Not for an army of Russians or terrorists. For an army of invasive species. The Spotted Lantern.

They came back with a vengeance this year, and they’re now targeting New Jersey agriculture in every county. It’s bad. And it only gets worse.

Some places in the Garden State are so bad you can’t walk on the sidewalk without having to crush them under your feet, like a red carpet you didn’t ask for.

It’s not that trampling them to death is a bad thing. We have all been delegated in this war to kill them on sight.

Since the beginning of this operation, people have spoken with respect of what is called a salt gun. You literally just load it up with table salt and this gun shoots those little grains at those winged suckers and blasts them into oblivion.

Here are some demonstrations in slow motion.

New Jersey has plenty of choices if you want to invest in a salt gun. Here are a few with links on how to purchase them.

A solid weapon here that won’t cost you too much, financially.

Want more power? Be careful with this one, and it will cost you more too.

For commando night ops, no lantern will see that black cannon coming at them in the dark.

Chasing lanterns during the day? Put on a ghillie suit and grab this camouflage weapon.

Want to get really crazy? Here is a laser accessory.

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