63% of gamers now prefer online channels over offline channels: YouGov survey


Times are changing, and this is something that is even more evident in the gambling industry.

Online Gambling Reaches ‘New Heights’ Around the World

The past year has seen more and more consumers move gradually towards new digital experiences in the safety and comfort of their homes, whether for work and study, as well as for social and leisure activities. . This is particularly evident in the gaming industry, which has seen a dramatic increase in popularity and adoption amid the coronavirus lockdowns.

YouGov recently conducted a survey of 13 markets around the world, including India, and found that 63 percent of its respondents now choose to gamble online rather than the traditional in-person alternative. “Fueled by innovation, deregulation in key markets and the pandemic, it is clear that the popularity of online gambling around the world has reached new heights,” YouGov said.

The lottery remains the most popular regulated online product in the world, with 42% of YouGov respondents saying they have played some form of lottery online in the past 12 months. After the lottery comes sports betting with 36%, followed by online casinos with 13% and bingo with 11%.

In India, online gambling is the way to go

Seventy-six percent of YouGov survey respondents in India said they preferred vertical online gambling, the highest percentage compared to 70 percent in Britain and 69 percent in Italy.

It’s not surprising. India, which has a deep passion for gambling, is emerging as a leading mobile market, and players are now choosing to use their mobile devices as the “primary medium” when playing at their online casino sites. favorite. The popularity of online gambling in India is on an upward trajectory, whether it’s casual mobile games or even skill-based real money blackjack games or when you play roulette online for real money. real money!

Online gaming searches have increased in the past 12 months, according to a recent study by ENV Media. In fact, “Google Play and Apple’s App Store reported an average increase of 50%,” analysts from ENV Media said, adding that “the 2020 pandemic has also pushed India to the top of the rankings. global mobile game downloads “.

The ENV Media report cited a Nielsen survey, which showed that Indian consumers spend an average of 218 minutes playing mobile games per week, an increase from the 151 minutes recorded before the pandemic. The segment is divided into players who play in 10-minute sessions between daily tasks or during breaks, and engaged players who spend “up to one hour per single session” per playing time.

“More than half of gamers download a new game every week and keep multiple game apps on their phones. Important gambling staples like card games remain the basis of such behavior, as do board and puzzle games, ”the report says. “The COVID-19 pandemic was an unexpected event for everyone. Yet, it has become a factor that has pushed most digital trends in the same direction they had already taken. Apparently, around half of all smartphone users in India play mobile games at this point. During a difficult year for mankind, many consumers have found outlets for comfort and entertainment in mobile games, spending an average of over an hour with them.

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