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Blockchain-based esports fan engagement platform STAN announced to enter strategic partnerships with several prominent Garena FreeFire Game Content Creators in our country, namely Gyan Gaming, AS Gaming, Lokesh Gamer, Raistar, Aditech and Happy Prince Gaming – who have a collective follower and subscriber base of over 8 crore on social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. This partnership between STAN and these leading FreeFire creators was facilitated by XNetwork – a gaming, esports and lifestyle talent management agency that empowers internet creators.

As part of the collaborations, all of the FreeFire creators mentioned above have signed exclusive licensing agreements with STAN for the latter to provide them with Trump Card and Digital Collectibles services, which would allow creators to create an ecosystem for their fans/followers connect with them and unlock new experiences. Based on these recent collaborations, in the short term, STAN will organize several ways for a fan to interact with India’s top FreeFire creators. While in the long term, STAN plans to hold fan parties and other media and promotion-related activities, with the primary goal of connecting fans and bringing them closer to their favorite FreeFire creator idols.

Speaking of recently concluded partnerships, Nauman Mulla, Co-Founder and COO, STAN says, “We at STAN are delighted to have partnered with some of the biggest names in the current FreeFire content creation space in India. Through our flagship platform, STAN intends to allow fans to connect with their favorite creators, and STAN users will be able to play a game, chat and make a live call with the creators. With FreeFire being one of the most popular games in our country today, we strongly believe that partnering with its stakeholders will give us an edge to stand out and make our brand the arena for esports nationwide. .

Lokesh Raj Aka Lokesh Gamer said“We are thrilled to be working with STAN, a platform that allows fans to engage on a whole new level. With this partnership, we aim to achieve unprecedented and seamless levels of new-age engagement for our fans and our followers.

Notably, STAN has built a uniquely designed unique platform for the ever-growing pool of esports fans in India and globally to optimally engage, play and bond with their idols in the esports space. The startup has already signed NFT and non-NFT centric partnerships with several top FreeFire athletes and creators in our country, and also recently introduced a feature called ‘Daily Streaks’ on their app, in which users can Log into the app daily and claim rewards like FreeFire Diamonds on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. “Diamonds” refer to in-game assets in the Garena FreeFire game, using which players can purchase in-game items such as clothes, cosmetics, etc. Over the coming weeks and months, STAN will be hosting several giveaways in which they will announce rewards. in the form of non-NFT collectibles and diamonds, attempting to attract and retain FreeFire’s fan base.


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